CAT Chat Minutes

May 30, 1997


Issues that require action and/or follow-up
1. We have discovered that the amount of information on the Web for work permits is not enough for us to determine how we will be impacted. What can be done?

We will work on improving the content of the information and will provide follow up through the floor coordinators.

2. The APS would like your opinion on refill criteria. Would the users prefer to refill on a predetermined time schedule or is the existing current-based refill better for taking data.

For the present, the current method is adequate.

3. The rf problem, did it just go away?

A couple of changes were made that could have corrected the problem - one being air cooling into the cabinet, and the other being the replacing of the trigger card for the crowbar.

The storage ring is performing much better. The duration of the fills is averaging ~ 9 hours.

We have had some problems with the gateway. You may have intermittently lost some PVs. We are working on correcting the gateway problems. If you notice any problems, please contact the FC.

User Operations will continue until Monday at 0800, at which time we will have 24 hours of machine studies. On Tuesday at 0800, we will again resume User Ops. Shielding verification is scheduled for 0800 to 1600 hours on Wednesday the 4th but may need to be extended until 1800 hours. After this, User Ops will continue until 0800 on the 9th.<

Real-time feedback is becoming a reality. A trial run will begin on the 10th of June for about a week. The frequency response for the feedback will range from .02 Hz to 20 Hz. The slow orbit correction system will continue to operate concurrently.