CAT Chat Minutes

May 2,1997


Issues that require action and/or follow-up
1. Now that the machine is working, can you explain why the storage ring is refilled at 65 mA?

For effective positron BPM response, we need that current in the storage ring. This assures good beam stability.

2. X-ray BPMs on 12-ID were not working. Why?

A cable was accidentally disconnected while other work was going on in an electronics rack.

3. When the machine is filled, my shutter enabled, and when I bring up the ID screen, the gaps are closed. Is this a change in operation?

Yes, this is a change to provide the beam as soon as the machine is ready with the proper undulator gaps established. You will find the undulator at its last gap setting when the shutter is enabled.

4. Recently in my station I had a red crash button depressed. When I looked at the PSS panel it reflected nothing. Is there an upgrade planned to indicate this condition somewhere?

An upgrade is being implemented that uses the EPICS screen. It will show the status of everything on the panel.

5. There is a full dumpster is the 433 parking lot. It really is quite hazardous to have it there. Can something be done?

The building manager will be instructed to resolve this situation.

6. It was nice that we did not have to drop to 6 GeV.

This was our last resort to provide a beam with high reliability as discussed in the last CAT Chat.

7. The colors on the TV screen showing the beam current as a function of time use blue and purple to indicate when the beam is ready or not available for users. These colors do not print well. Can the colors be changed?

We will do this shortly.

Many changes have been made to rf2. We do not know precisely the nature of the problem or the direct cause for the apparent correction. More diagnostics will be done to fully understand the functioning of rf2.

We will install three FEs during the maintenance period.

In the past, there has been an issue with not being able to clearly hear the announcements on the PA. We have isolated some of the causes of this problem, and they will be fixed. Work has been done on the PA, and more work will be done soon to improve the quality of announcements on the floor.