CAT Chat Minutes

April 4, 1997


Issues that require action and/or follow-up
1. When the image of the beam is made available on the TV screen to users, can we get the beam size?

Initially the beam will be on a pixel scale. The pixel calibration will be made available.

2. The APS-designed DI water system has been used by many users. Is XFD planning to maintain these systems?

We have not made the decision yet if we will make this service available for the long-term. At this time, if your system goes down you can call M. Ramanathan so that XFD personnel will fix the problem. We will let you know what XFD plans for long-term maintenance.

3. We understand that it is inconvenient to use IDs during machine studies, but can we use BMs (Can we open the shutter)?

We will need to look at this because such an operation might not be covered by the safety envelope. We will get back to you on this.

4. When the beam is dumped, the shutters remain closed unless opened manually. What can be done so we do not have to come in and manually open them?

We have a procedure in place for this. You will need to see the FCs to set this up by filing a request. Remote control to open the shutters should be possible in the future.

5. Why did DND not get their EPS cable?

The PSS code has been modified and validated on 5-ID. Some hardware work still remains and will be scheduled at a convenient time for the users. The work for 5-BM will be done during May, when the regular revalidation is scheduled to be completed..

6. Is the information on undulator characteristics up to date? Can I get current information on brilliance?

The updated results were published in SRI '95. We will try to get you updated data. This might take a few weeks.

7. We have had contractors who have plugged their electrical cords into electrical outlets inside our stations without seeking permission. We are concerned that they may blow a fuse. What can be done about this?

Many of the workers, especially with Tecknit, are new. This may be the reason for such behavior. Y. Amer will follow through on this.

8. During user beam time when there is a tornado drill, will we have to vacate the Experiment Hall?

During a drill, all but one person should leave the sector. During a tornado warning, the machine will go down and everyone will have to vacate.

Machine Studies are underway with the primary emphasis on BPM studies. The rf still has some occasional mis-triggers. ASD will do more studies. We are scheduled for User Ops at 0800 on Tuesday 4-8-97.

We are planning to set up a Web page where we will download the information of the frequency power spectrum of beam motion so you will be able to look at it. If you suspect beam motion call the FC. They will notify the control room.

The RGA has been successfully integrated to EPICS. If you do not have a Spectra RGA, we will not be able to integrate because we do not have the other driver support.

SPring 8 captured electron beam last week. We will update you next week on this.

We have given ID control to all of the CATs.

The machine operating status screen is now available in a smaller gif file.