CAT Chat Minutes

March 28, 1997


Issues that require action and/or follow-up
1. Our (IMCA) computers get faulty time stamps from other computers. We need help identifying the source of the problem.

The NTP Server is

2. If I get acetone from the stockroom, how do I get an MSDS?

MSDSs are available on the Web, or call Meg Noreuil x 2787 or ANL/ESH-IH x3310.

For those who have access to a Macintosh, there is a Sigma-Aldrich database under Apple Share. ( Call Meg Noreuil x2787 for instructions on how to gain access.)

To gain access to the ANL MSDS system, users must complete a Request for Authorization of Computer Account and/or Services (Meg has a supply of forms, along with instructions for completing the form). There is no charge for this service, but training is recommended. Initially, ESH personnel are willing to come to us to provide this training for the anticipated small group. Training for larger groups could be conducted elsewhere at the Lab.

We have also identified MSDS databases on the Web. Fisher Scientific, Enviro-Net, and the University of Utah seem to offer good systems (URL addresses are below)

Fisher Scientific:


University of Utah:

Meg maintains a master file of all XFD and User MSDSs. You are welcome to review these files and make copies of necessary information.

3. What are "parasitic beam studies"?

This is not a typical study and should not have been posted as so. We used some of the ASD machine studies time to perform calibration of XBPM/DSP on 1-ID before the start of last run.

ASD will be doing stored beam studies on the rf BPMs. We hope to see improvement when we begin the next user run. But please be prepared for beam motions early in the run, since the beam control system has been reconfigured.

We wish to inform you of some new capabilities on teleconferencing that will be gradually implemented during the next several months.

a) Ability to broadcast on the TV network within APS any presentations in Room B2100 (which will contain telebroadcasting equipment).

b) The one-way broadcast described in (a) will be available on the network when you use "M-bone" capability.

We plan to put the Experiment Safety Approval form on the Web in the next couple of weeks, and we need some users to volunteer to help us pilot this. (Kevin D'Amico of SBC-CAT and Denis Keane of DND-CAT volunteered.)

S. Barr introduced Connie Pittroff, the new Assistant User Administrator.