CAT Chat Minutes

March 21, 1997


Issues that require action and/or follow-up
1. There is a humming noise coming from the PA system? It comes on and does not go off.

On Friday 3-21-97 work was being performed on this system, this was the cause of this noise.

2. What is happening with the storage ring?

The causes for the rf trips are being checked. We had a 19-hr run during machine studies time with no trips. ASD is still looking into the causes of the past trips. Everything that contributes to the net result is being looked into. ASD has added additional test points to monitor the problem.

3. What is the status of User Beam during the User Meeting?

There will be machine studies (linac, booster, storage ring) during those three days. There will be no beam in the storage ring during daytime hours. We have done this to avoid the need for dosimeters on the floor when there will be a lot of visitors. No one under 18, with the exception of 18 yr. olds who are university students, will be allowed on the floor.

4. Is the short-range schedule on the Web?

Yes, both the long-and the short-range schedules are on the Web and can be accessed from the Beamline Operations Information Page.

5. In the Argonne News, there was an advertisement for a softball league, I was wondering if anyone is interested in getting a team together?

There will be a sign up sheet at the User Office. Please contact Larry Lurio if you are interested in signing up.

We have made a major mistake in not notifying CATs about work being done in their sectors. The work request was entered in the ASD system and not in the XFD system - so the notification did not reach the CAT personnel. We are adding a requirement for sign out for the ratchet door keys to our process. This should take care of the notification problem. The process will now require that the CAT must reply to messages sent regarding work to be done. The FC will be communicating with the Sector Coordinator or the Technical Contact to set up a schedule for getting the work done.

All chemical hoods in the LOMs have now been corrected for the sensitivity of motion controllers. This should alleviate the problem of the air intake being reduced when work is progressing. Also, the ANL-ESH-IH (Industrial Hygiene) group will inspect all the hoods for proper flow of air intake under different conditions.