CAT Chat Minutes

March 7, 1997


Issues that require action and/or follow-up
1. The rf fix that was tested prior to the last run has not reduced the number of rf trips. Why?

That is correct. During the maintenance period, ASD will operate the storage ring and evaluate rf performance. This can only be done without users taking the beam.

2. As to the EPICS process variables, it would be nice to be able to know when steering is being done. Is this possible?

The system is already in place. An updated description of the EPICS PVs is on the Web.

3. The control room also has been doing a nice job of making the announcement prior to steering. We appreciate this step. 4. There has been a rumor floating that Tecknit has lost some of their key people. Is this true, and will it in anyway impact the APS?

Yes, the rumor is true. Bob Doyle and Jackie have left to form their own company. When we found out about this news, we had the CEO come here to discuss the impact of this change on their performance at the APS. We also addressed other issues we are concerned about, such as the quality of their work and the safety procedures. The CEO introduced the new person, who will replace the departed employees. His name is Bob Henner. He will be the contact here. Their satisfactory performance is our highest priority.

5. Will these changes affect their delivery times?

According to Tecknit, "no": but we will more closely monitor their promises.

6. When will the long-range schedule be available? Have there been any changes to what is now available?

In early April 1997, we hope to post the next update to our operations schedule.

7. Because we have more users here, traffic between the LOMs and the beamlines is increasing. Can we encourage bike traffic to drive closer to the inner edge of the aisle ?

Yes, we will address this issue. We observed that bike speed is also an issue.

8. Can the roll-up door be used to carry samples to the floor? Are there any plans to change to another type of door here?

These doors were not designed for personnel access. They are for equipment only. These roll-up doors are fire doors and will remain closed when not in use. There is also the issue of the pressure differential between the labs and the floor. We do not have any plans to change to another type of door.

The User Beam will go until 0800 on Sunday March 9, 1997.

There will be additional machine studies to work on the issue of rf trips and BPM stability. This change will not delay the start of the next run.

The new rf system was checked out with a dummy load and performed very well. It appears that the problems occur only during stored beam conditions. We do not want to deliver beam during the time that they will be doing these studies.

We are making the request for specific names as contacts for each CAT for off-normal situations. We will be contacting you for this information, which will be displayed at the end of the beamline.

We are repeating our request that you do not take food onto the experiment hall floor. We cannot forbid coffee or soft drinks, as it has become a cultural thing, but we do suggest that for your own safety you do not take food onto the experiment hall floor. Each LOM has an area more suitable for eating activities. Please use that area.