CAT Chat Minutes

February 21, 1997


Issues that require action and/or follow-up
1. Rod Salazar requested that anyone still needing the 8 hr. crane training see him. This class has been set up so that one member of a CAT can take the training, get his/her card and then can allow other members of the CAT to use the cranes in the stations.

The request was made to try to have this class shortened from the present 8 hrs.

S. Davey will check into having this class become more site specific for CATs.

2. Working in front of the hood located in DND Chem Lab was found unsafe, while operating in economy mode. The motion sensor doesn't always see you? PFS has disconnected the standby mode so that the assessment of the technical problem can be addressed.

The vendor will inspect the hoods on March 4-6, 1997, and either make adjustments or suggest improvements to the control system.

ASD studies are underway, and the machine looks good for Tuesday. The crowbar trip frequency has dropped drastically during the test period.

We have shielding verification scheduled for February 26 and 27 and again March 5, with March 6 being a contingency day. Someplace on this schedule, we will add 17 BM. The re-verification will be done on a beamline-by-beamline basis.

The ID control is working on the gateway and may be ready by Tuesday. We will be coming around and setting up one beamline at a time.

The door bracket installation is on schedule. The doors seem to be working well.

The Shutter Authorization forms for authorizing the floor coordinators to open the beamline shutters are with the FCs. Please use these in the future.