CAT Chat Minutes

January 31, 1997


Issues that require action and/or follow-up
1. What do we do when the radiation monitors go off?

You must leave the area and call the control room.

We are in the process of changing the latch and the software involved. The software is being changed so the monitors will not latch and so the monitors can be read in the control room.

2. We have heard that a significant number of stored beam trips are caused by an rf crowbar. What is a crowbar?

It is an electrical engineering term that refers to discharging stored electrical energy in a controlled manner.

We are installing FEs and IDs. ASD is performing tests on the rf trips and finding ways to reduce them. They are in the process of doing testing and are debugging the system.

We had a very productive APSUO Steering Committee Meeting. The plans for the Users meeting were made. The preliminary program will be available to all very shortly. Please mark the dates on your calendars. April 15 will be scientific workshops, April 16-17 will be the APS user meeting.

The ANL Health Physics organization has identified two survey instruments that are supported by HP. They are:

1. Ludlum Model 3 Survey Meter (Part # 48-1605) with a Ludlum Model 44-9 Pancake GM probe (Part # 47-1539) and Cabling (Part #40-1004)      Cost $575.00
2. Eberline Model ASP-1 with Eberline Model HP-360 and Cabling (CA-16-36)      Cost $1009.00

Other instruments are not supported by HP and the CAT will have to make other arrangements for their repair and calibration.