CAT Chat Minutes

January 10, 1997


Issues that require action and/or follow-up
1.During the holiday break, we had a water leak on the front window. Who should I have called?

We will put together a procedure for this.

2. Is there a public posting of the PV variable names?

Yes, it is accessible from the XFD Home Page on the web under User Operations Information. We are testing a new version of this and will make it available when we are satisfied with the results of the tests.

3. The parking lot area of 438 has been full again.

Steve Davey will address this issue.

4. How has security been lately?

We have put in place walk-through security. You may have seen security personnel walking through the building. If they ask you questions, please answer them. They do not know who our users are. We are trying to enhance security through their presence in our buildings.

5. Can something be done to make it easier to take home non-ANL property on weekends?

We will check into possible new ways to handle this.

6. Have they caught any of those involved in taking the items that have been missing in the LOMs?

We are not aware of any.

There have been many rf trips during the 1997-1 run. We will attempt to evaluate whether these trips are due to the high-current operation. We will continue to run at ~90 mA through Saturday and then try a few ~75 mA runs to investigate if there is any relationship between number of trips and maximum stored current.

We completed shielding verification today around 11:00 and returned the beam to the users about noon. We have two more days of shielding verification Tuesday and Wednesday (1-14 and 1-15). On these days, we will return to user operations when we have completed the shielding verification work. We will validate Sector 11 on Tuesday, Sector 17 on Wednesday, and Sector 20 on Wednesday the 20th. We will have machine studies beginning at 0800 on the 17th until 0800 on the 20th. We will try to have the February schedule ready for publication early next week and the long-term schedule towards the end of the week.

Now that the CAT CHATs have been held for 52 weeks, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for a fruitful year. We have made a sincere effort to address all the issues you have brought to us in this forum. We all share the same goal - to get the best science from our users. ASD has worked very hard for us to be at this point. This is the month this project was scheduled to be completed. We will celebrate the one year anniversary of CAT CHAT with a cake.