CAT Chat Minutes

December 13, 1996


Issues that require action and/or follow-up
Gopal Shenoy discussed the accelerator problems that resulted in practically no useful beam during the week. A master oscillator, which triggers the BPMs that gives us the ability to steer the orbit correctly, is not working properly. We hope these repairs will be made by midnight today. At the beginning of this run, we lost a klystron. It was replaced immediately and is now operational. However, we are now limited to 60-70 mA because there is outgassing of this system.

One item we are very concerned with is that fact that we have not given enough time to prepare the machine before we deliver the beam. It is best for us to run the storage ring as if users were on the floor. During this time, we will also do BPLD validation, track the beam by X-ray BPMs without the shutter open to make sure it is in the right place before we deliver the beam. We will, in addition check the undulator. This activity will take about 2 - 3 shifts.

We plan to begin User Beam on 7th of January. January 3, 4, 5 and 6 will be ASD Studies. The studies on January 6 will be dedicated to ready the storage ring to deliver beam as discussed above. We are looking at User Beam Jan. 7-17 and 20-25. We will post the schedule on the web soon. Notification of the new schedule will go out via the CAT NET.

Dec. 20th will be the last CAT CHAT for this calendar year.

1. Is it possible that we will recover the lost user beam time during the planned ASD Feedback Studies next week ?

If the machine performs well, it is a possibility. If there are further problems, we may have to use that time to make repairs. We will let you know early next week.

If you are planning to run this weekend, please leave a contact name and phone number with the Floor Coordinator today, so that we can reach you if we have either additional problems or user beam tonight.

2. What is the advantage of keeping the shutters closed when you get the machine ready for user beam as presented?

If the orbit is corrected in one place, there could be movement in another place. We would like to have the machine ready with best orbit at (90-95%) before we deliver the beam to you. We may have to do some fine tuning of the orbit by about 5 - 10 µrad after the beam is delivered. We need to exercise the feedback system. While the global feedback is monitoring, we want to make sure all the responses are correct. We will check out to full operations each beamline one-by-one, including the undulator operation.

3. The comment was made by a user that: Next year, we should give more consideration to the dates the lab will be closed when working up the operation schedule.

On Dec. 23, we were scheduled to have User Beam until noon. ASD has requested that we give them the beam time at 8:00 a.m. to bring the machine to stand-by status for the holidays.

The consensus was that it would be all right to give this time back to ASD.

4. Last week Tecknit was doing some work on the floor near BESSRC CAT. They did some grinding on the floor near the monochromator - this could have been a problem if the monochromator had been open. Is there a possibility that the CATs receive advance notification of the work that is being planned near or on their sector?

We have just set up and done the training of XFD personnel in using a new Work Request System on the Web. The CATs will receive electronic notification of any work that will be done on their sector from the Systems Manager in the group doing the work. This will include all work done by XFD and outside contractors. The Floor Coordinator will have the authority to stop any work for which there is no work request on file.

5. Can we include areas around the stations on these work requests?

We will try to include such areas.