CAT Chat Minutes

December 6, 1996


Issues that require action and/or follow-up
1. There is a program available to XFD personnel that calculates the undulator spectrum. Could this be made more accessible to users to use?

Yes. We have just negotiated a license with Research Systems that permits us to supply to the users a fully executable code based on XOP. This code can be run by the users on their machines without an IDL license. The executable package is now assembled and will be available to users in January - February 1997. Meanwhile, if you need undulator spectral calculations, please contact Roger Dejus (x2-9163).

2. During ASD Feedback Studies time, can we get enabled shutters?

No, the beam is not stable enough.

Information/Follow-up items
APS Operational Status Update

The SR works well. We are back on schedule and anticipate no problems.

The Shielding Verification Calendar has been re-worked with minor changes in the sequence of verification. The affected CATs have been informed of the changes.

Tuesday morning we expect to deliver User beam at 100 mA with parasitic shielding verification. No beamline will be operating until it has been put back on-line.

The Dec. '96 run is a new run. Please make certain that you have the appropriate posting on your beamline and are running within that limit. Make sure that commissioning and/or experimental safety forms are made available to the Floor Coordinators before the run.

A new document with the process variable names will be provided to you next week.

Per your request, a PV has been instituted for fine orbit correction. We will notify you of the name of this PV next week through the CAT NET. We are in the process of de-bugging it and will have it ready to go next week.

Don't forget the XFD "Around the World Celebration" on Dec. 18. The fee to attend is $1.00, a dish to pass, and a non-perishable food item for donation to a local charity. Tickets are available at the User's Office, and after this meeting from S. Barr.

Dec. 20th will be the last CAT CHAT for this calendar year.