CAT Chat Minutes

November 15, 1996


Issues that require action and/or follow-up
1. Gopal Shenoy pointed out that as we look at the long-term operation schedule, the user beam may be limited to 1500 hours during the second-half of this fiscal year.

In normal operations, with minimal accelerator commissioning activities and minimal radiation shielding validation activities, the APS plans to deliver 6000 hours of user beam per year. During the second half of this fiscal year we had planned on delivering nearly 3000 hours., since all the installation activities of beamline front end will be finished by about early May 97. However, as you know, the APS budgets have been seriously cut during FY 97. Hence, we estimate that during April-Sept. 1997, the beam period to be about 1500 hours. This is more than the beam time that will be delivered during Oct. 96 - March 97, which amounts to about 1000 hours.

2. Why don't we run only for 12-16 hours in a day?
This is very impractical from the accelerator point of view. It is not efficient to turn on and then turn off the machine. Such a schedule does not save operation costs since we would always need operators to maintain the facilities. Furthermore the long runs lead to more reliable operations.

3. The new janitors have punched holes in the walls of the LOM. How do we go about getting this fixed?
Bill Wesolowski has addressed this issue, and the problem is being taken care of.

4. In general, the work ethic of the janitorial staff in many cases is less than desirable, with supplies missing, areas not cleaned, trash not emptied, etc. We used to have a foreman that we dealt with, but with all the changes in personnel, it is difficult to know who to speak with.

Gopal Shenoy will address this issue with Pat Moonier, who has the responsibility for the janitorial work at ANL.

Information/Follow-up items
APS Operational Status Update:  The rf reconfiguration is complete. The waveguide installation is ahead of schedule.

We had wonderful Research Directorate and APSUO Steering Committee meetings this past week. The next meetings of those groups are coming up in January. The Eighth Users Meeting will be in April.

All the undulators have been delivered. Sixteen IDs have been installed.