CAT Chat Minutes

November 8, 1996


Issues that require action and/or follow-up
1. I noticed there is a new mode on the schedule called "parasitic" mode. What does this mean?

It means we will fill the storage ring at 100 mA to perform shielding verification. If we are not verifying the shielding integrity of your station, you may use the beam for experimental programs in a parasitic mode. You will even be able to close the gaps and correct the beam orbit by contacting the Floor Coordinator.

2. Gopal Shenoy made this observation: He had gone over the User Safety Training Profiles and found that not too many users have taken PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) training. If you are involved in installation and/or construction activities, you should take PPE training. He further added that, with all the construction going on all over the Experiment Hall, it is a good idea to wear hard hats when one is in a construction area.

PPE training classes are given regularly. The next one is on Dec. 5, 1996. Please contact Meg Noreuil (x2-2787) for details.

3. We had a wooden step ladder that disappeared. Has anyone seen it?

The Floor Coordinators and other CAT members will keep a look out for a wooden step ladder that has IMM CAT on it. It has probably just been borrowed by someone on the floor without telling its owner. On the other hand, if things of value have disappeared from your areas, please let the Division Office know as soon as possible so this can be reported to ANL Security.

4. There has been a great deal of fluctuation in the temperature of the Lab in LOM 438. To whom should this be reported?

When this occurs, please contact the Floor Coordinators, and they will notify the appropriate individuals. In this particular case, Steve Davey has made the appropriate contacts. The problem is being taken care of.

5. When will the card keys be in place?

We will implement the card key system after the Christmas Holiday Break.

6. There is still a problem with finding an empty parking space in the 438 LOM parking area. Many of the cars are those with an ANL sticker.

We have asked the contractors and the XFD technicians to park in non-LOM parking areas. We will display notices indicating that this space is reserved for LOM occupants and their visitors.

7. Has any thought been given to transportation on the floor?

A whole lot of discussion has occurred on this subject in the past and addressed at previous CAT Chats. A CAT may request a tricycle for its use. We are letting the CATs have a maximum of two tricycles for their permanent personnel to get around the ring. The safety policy associated with using the tricycles on the Experiment Hall floor has been distributed and is posted at various LOMs.

Information/Follow-up items
APS Operational Status Update:  The linac repairs and the rf reconfiguration are going well. Two sectors of the linac are complete and are being conditioned. The rf reconfiguration is ready. Two of the rf stations are ready for operation. Further testing will be done on the remaining rf stations during machine studies time in the December run. Two rf stations are adequate to support 100 mA runs.

We have been doing some fine tuning to the shielding verification schedule for the December 96 run. We will notify you if there is any change.

We have two new floor coordinators: Edwardo Roa and Steve Vanni.