CAT Chat Minutes

November 1, 1996


Issues that require action and/or follow-up
1. Tecknit activities during November shut down.

The activities on implementing permanent mitigation on various Experiment Stations as proposed by Tecknit was distributed at the meeting. The information can be received from Yeldez by calling her at x6822. The mitigation plan is ambitious, and Tecknit plans to bring an extra crew. Also, Tecknit has developed a system of monitoring the quality of the work done by their employees. The only issue at this time is on the door fixes, since the expected delivery of tungsten required for this may not arrive on time. Since the effort involved in implementing door fixes is minimal, some of it will be postponed to December and January. Meanwhile, temporary mitigation will permit us to operate the stations during the December 96 and January 97 runs.

The shielding verification activity during the December run has been optimized to provide maximum use of the stations by the CATs. The schedule is on the Web. If the schedule conflicts with CAT activities, please contact Mohan as soon as possible.

2. If the mitigation fails, will there be an opportunity to be re-verified later?

It will depend on the type of mitigation. This December run period is tight, we will try to expedite as much as possible. The 20th of December, we have one station and this day would be a contingency day to do some redos if necessary.

3. Is there a way to let us know that we will get the beam back earlier than we have been notified, say the day before?

Yes, we can do this. But if we cannot keep to our plan, you may have your crew waiting without beam. We will update the schedule that is on the web more often, and e-mail the CAT NET when updates have been done.

4. Can we please get a message when an orbit correction is in progress?

We will work on getting some message for this in place by the next run.

5. When will there be a provision for on-demand training and access to the lab? I had a user arrive on the weekend, and he was not able to use the beam without one of our own people there to work with him. He also was not able to come back to the lab after hours.

If you have a visitor, you must have some idea of when he is coming and for how long. You need to get him a pass that allows 24-hour access or over the entire week-end. The information on what is required before you bring a new users to the APS is on the web and is also available in hard copy from the User Office. We are working on having on-demand training available, but are not at this point yet. Remember that a new user needs GERT as a part of his/her orientation to perform work at the APS.

6. When will PSS training be available?

The video is now ready. You should contact the Floor Coordinator to view this video by a new user. The new user can begin work only when a sector-specific training is completed by the CAT.

Information/Follow-up items
APS Operational Status Update:  The linac repairs and the rf reconfiguration are progressing well. We will let you know. A suggestion to you is that you schedule your external users for later in the run and not early in the run, in case there are some delays.

The Operations schedule is on the web. If you have any questions or concerns, please call Y. Amer or T. Rauchas. We have optimized a number of the time slots to try to complete the verification in an efficient manner. We will begin on Tuesday, December 10 at 8:00 a.m. with 100 mA.

If your card key badge was issued at the Visitor's Reception Center, please send a copy, front and back, to the User Office by fax. This is needed to enter data on the Card Key Control System.

An ATM has been installed by the Argonne Credit Union in the atrium of building 401. The official opening of this machine will be Friday 11-8-96.

We are expecting approval for non-ANL employees to become credit union members.

Please update the CAT NET lists to assure good communications on Operations.