CAT Chat Minutes

September 20, 1996


Issues that require action and/or follow-up
1. Can the CATs be notified when changes are made in the shielding verification schedule on the World Wide Web?

We have set up a group notification system via E-mail. This system will be used to notify you of schedule changes or changes in general operating conditions. The last notification was not sent due to an oversight, but this will be corrected.

2. Some of the stations are being reverified for the third time. Are the shielding mitigation methods inadequate?

Most of the mitigation methods require precise placement of additional shielding to be effective. To date, some of the mitigation installations have been inconsistent, requiring additional reverification to confirm adequate installation. We are working closely with Technit to increase the quality of their installation, both in initial installation for new stations and the shielding mitigation installation for existing stations.

3. There still are problems with the reliability of the storage ring. Are these problems systematic and are they exacerbated by operation at higher currents?

There is no one clear problem that is causing the trips. Even the trips related to rf problems do not come from a single cause. The orbit correction and the BPMs are operating better than during the previous run. The problems are also not related to higher current operation.

4. What are the plans and schedule for implementing other methods for controlling the opening and closing of shutters?

Since the primary control of the shutters is through the PSS, additional control inputs require a high degree of isolation to ensure that the safety interlocks are not compromised. Several interface methods are being reviewed and will be tested. We expect to have them ready for the CATs in several months.

5. How are the storage ring filling patterns established?

During these stages of commissioning, the filling patterns are determined by Tony Rauchas, working in conjunction with the Accelerator Sytems Division and users requiring specific timing patterns. The final result is a compromise to satisfy the needs for stable BPM triggering and user requirements. At the present time the fill pattern consists of 6 equidistantly spaced groups, with each group consisting of 9 consecutively filled buckets.

6. How can the sliding entrance doors to the LOM be opened in the event of a power outage?

The sliding doors incorporate an emergency egress capability. When the door frame is pushed firmly near the handle from the inside, the door will swing open.

Information/Follow-up items
APS Operational Status Update:  The user run will be suspended from 0800 till 1730 on Saturday for the ANL Open House. The run will then continue through Monday morning. A 12 hour ASD studies period will start at 0800. The run will continue through the week, with shielding verifications scheduled for each day shift on Monday through Friday. The shielding verifications are being done efficiently, therefore more time should be made available to the users.