CAT Chat Minutes

September 6, 1996


Issues that require action and/or follow-up
1. Will the CAT be notified whenever work is done on the safety systems within their sector?

We are instituting a work request system that will ensure that all work is recorded and that the Floor Coordinator and the CAT are notified.

2. During the last scheduled power outage, some PSS controlled doors would not reopen when power was restored. Is this a normal condition?

Power interruption should not affect the PSS operation of the doors. This problem is being investigated and will be corrected.

3. The additional user time at the beginning of the run will be useful. Is there a probability that more time will become available from the shielding verification schedule?

We spoke with you earlier about our becoming more efficient during shielding verification. This run we are doing eight reverifications and only 3 new stations. It is the reverifications that take so much time. We hope that at some point soon, we will have the shielding mitigation in place at the time of the initial verification and no repeat verifications will be required.

4. Have common experimental station shielding problems been identified?

The floor trim, the door trough and door corners have been identified as common areas where shielding problems occur. Technit is catching up and beginning to install the corresponding fixes prior to the start of shielding verification.

5. Has there been a high incidence of other types of leaks?

There are some, but they are not consistent from station to station. Problems have been found in panel seams, at the interface to the concrete shield wall, around labyrinths, etc. The problems are not evident during a visual inspection. We need to do a radiation test to detect them. Using a radioactive source was tried but was found to be very time consuming and not conclusive. The scattering method currently in use is much more efficient.

6. There is a need by one of the CATs for a 55Fe source. Because it is difficult to bring this source on the ANL site, is there a source available at ANL which could be borrowed?

Several of these sources exist at ANL. Steve Davey will follow through on this directly with the CAT.

7. The CATs that are on the schedule for PSS validation during the upcoming run are concerned because there is very little activity at the stations. Will the schedule be met?

Based on the current status, all of the scheduled PSS validations will be completed. There is a significant amount of PSS work that is done in the labs, e.g., control panel fabrication and testing, software development, testing and validation, etc. The testing performed in the labs under controlled conditions ensures that problems after installation are minimized. The final integration of the system at the sector can be accomplished quickly.

Information/Follow-up items
APS Operational Status Update:  A few problems have been experienced, but the run will begin as scheduled.