CAT Chat Minutes

August 16, 1996


Issues that require action and/or follow-up
1. There has been a significant amount of photon beam instability during the run. What is the problem and is there anything that the CATs can do about it?

The storage ring and the front ends are still undergoing commissioning. The commissioning of the particle and x-ray beam position monitors continues. The orbit correction system currently in use is only a temporary measure while the final orbit control system is being debugged. All of these factors add to the potential instability of the beam until all problems are understood and corrected. In the meantime, notify the floor coordinator and provide to him as much information as possible. He will work with the operations personnel in the MCR to correct the orbit.

2. Schedule changes during a run have a significant impact on a sector's program. Can shielding verification be canceled, rather than moved, if a delay occurs?

Shielding verification has to remain as the highest priority, since a cancellation may create a significant delay in a user's program. In the future, we will schedule shielding verification contingency shifts, which will be used if there are delays in the shielding verification schedule.

3. During the last run, there were several EPS trips. It was not clear what problem had caused the trip.

Better EPICS diagnostics are being prepared to allow both the user and the floor coordinator to quickly assess EPS problems. The work will be completed in several months.

4. When will users be provided control of the ID gap?

The software for ID gap control is being debugged. Once the developers feel that the software is robust, users will be provided with ID gap control. The software is not expected to be ready for the September run but should be available for the December run.

5. When will the lights be turned on in the LOM parking lots?

The system is complete, and we are waiting for a shipment of light bulbs.

6. LOM parking is becoming a problem because all available spaces are filled, even now with no active user program.

We will assess the situation. Some of the contractors are using the lots for parking. They will be requested to park in other designated areas.

Information/Follow-up items
APS Operational Status Update:  The shielding verification is slipping and will require an additional shift (0800-1600) on Saturday, August 17, to complete. The next run will be six weeks in duration. It will begin September 10 and continue through October 21. The tentative rough schedule is for the first week to ASD studies, followed by two user beam weeks, another week for ASD studies and the last two weeks for user beam. The specific details are being worked out and will be distributed to users as soon as they are available. The schedule will include the shielding verification schedule with the contingency days indicated.

Susan Barr reported that the cardkey badges are ready. If you need to have your photo taken, please go to the VRC. The cardkey system will become operational on October 1.