CAT Chat Minutes

August 9, 1996


Issues that require action and/or follow-up
1. What is the status of PSS training?

John Stoffel is conducting PSS training at the present time. There is also a "draft" video in the works that will be used as part of the APS User Orientation in the near future. The PSS training is a requirement outlined in our Safety Assessment Document.

2. What is the schedule for Floor Coordinator coverage?

A request was made to have all CATs notified as to the Floor Coordinator coverage. Their schedule will be posted on the web.

3. Who controls the keys for the LOM central pentagon conference rooms?

Each CAT should have a key to the conference room located in pentagon C of their LOM. If you have not received your key, please contact your Floor Coordinator.

Information/Follow-up items
APS Operational Status Update:  We are now in the middle of the user run, which will continue through next Sunday with one schedule change. The ASD study period originally scheduled for Monday, August 12, will now be conducted on Tuesday, August 13, starting at 8:00 AM. Monday will now be user beam time.

The CATs were asked to identify two individuals who are here most of the time to serve as the CAT point of contact for notification of schedule changes, etc.

OSHA visit:  As previously reported, the laboratory has been targeted to be part of a pilot project involving OSHA, which would assume the responsibility of safety oversight from DOE. An OSHA appraisal of the laboratory is currently underway and an OSHA team will visit the XFD next Wednesday, August 14. The CATs are requested to ensure that safety at the workplace continues to remain a high priority and that all CAT members cooperate with the inspection team.