CAT Chat Minutes

August 2, 1996


Issues that require action and/or follow-up
1. On the front ends, can the APS provide thinner windows that have better transmission at 3 keV?

During the commissioning of the beamline, the APS staff installs a commissioning window that is integrated with a cooled fixed mask. This window assembly has an aperture of 4.5 mm X 4.5 mm and is made up of two 250-µm-thick Be. This assembly also includes radiation absorbers of 300 µm graphite and 127 µm of diamond. After the beamline commissioning is complete, the CATs are encouraged to replace the commissioning window with a suitable window that meets both the specific user needs and the requirements of the APS vacuum policy on the vacuum integrity of the storage ring. An alternative is to use the APS-designed windowless configuration, if suitable.

2. How many beamlines are now being commissioned and how many more will begin commissioning during the August run?

There are 13 beamlines that are in various stages of commissioning and operation, some starting scientific research. During the August run, an additional 4 beamlines will be commissioned.

3. As more and more users will arrive at the APS and operate experiment stations, the need for PSS training will increase. Is the APS doing anything to meet this extra load of PSS training?

Every user is expected to have PSS training before he or she actually participates in an activity involving the use of radiation in an experiment station. This training is currently provided by the APS staff. In anticipation of future extra demand on the training activity, the APS is preparing this training as a video module that can be easily administered. A draft version of this video may be used during the August run for training new users. Please inform the Floor Coordinators about the arrival of new users in advance of their arrival. When the final version of the video training module is ready, the PSS training can be given either during the user orientation or by the Floor Coordinator.

4. Is there any progress in the delivery of the Card Keys?

The Card Keys are now at Argonne and are being tested.

Information/Follow-up items
APS Operational Status Update:  The positron conversion of the accelerator facility is on schedule. Already, 100 mA of positrons have been stored in tests. Further machine physics studies are now being performed. If there are no unexpected setbacks, the x-ray beam will be delivered as planned next Monday.