CAT Chat Minutes

July 12, 1996


Issues that require action and/or follow-up
1. SBC CAT has specific concerns about the use of the day shifts for the activities involving shielding verification on various beamlines.

This precludes SBC beamline staff working during day time hours. Night shifts are minimally used because all the SBC users have yet to begin their work.

In the interest of all the CATs that are interested in verifying the shielding on their beamlines, the APS staff has to use the day shifts for the job, which involves various types of people from the APS: machine physics staff in ASD, accelerator operations group in ASD, beamline operations group in XFD, health physics group from the APS/ANL, floor coordinators, etc. The situation will only get worse with more stations to be commissioned in the coming months. It would be nice to have more than 2 weeks of 3 shifts and 1 week with 2 shifts for user research work by the users. However, the APS cannot easily change the 3-week-on/3-week-off cycle through January 97, since many more undulator vacuum chambers, undulators and beamline front-ends have to be installed during the 3-week-off period. The APS will give highest consideration to increasing the beam time available to users for their own use.

2. There is no help available during the evening and night shifts from the machine physics group if the photon beam has to be steered.

Normally, the ASD operators run the accelerators during the off-shift hours. However, if the user has an unusual demand during the off-shift requiring ASD machine physics involvement, they will be on call.

3. Some of the CATs have requested reevaluation of the configuration of the EPS on the beamline front ends to reduce the involvement of APS personnel to reopen the vacuum valve.

The front end EPS and beamline EPS interface has been reviewed one more time. The final configuration includes two signals from the beamline EPS. The first will be identical to the previous signal, closing the front end shutter cluster and the front end exit valve. Resetting will require floor coordinator intervention. The second signal will close only the front end shutter cluster and will not require resetting by the floor coordinator.

Information/Follow-up items
APS Operational Status Update:  The tentative August operational dates have been established. The storage ring will begin operation with positrons on July 30. User beam will begin at 0800 on Monday, August 5. The user beam run will tentatively end on Monday, August 19 at 0800.

Yeldez Amer on vacation:  Yeldez will be on vacation during much of July. Mohan Ramanathan will provide backup support (Phone: 2-3773; Page 4-3773).