CAT Chat Minutes

June 7, 1996


Issues that require action and/or follow-up
1. When work is carried out inside the storage ring tunnel, the workers remove any obstructions in their path including beam transports without informing the CATs. Could arrangements be done to inform the CATs of such activities in advance?

Such actions by either APS personnel or contract personnel are inappropriate. No APS or contract personnel can dismantle any part of any CAT equipment without seeking permission to do so in advance. All such actions are not acceptable to the APS. Procedures, including work permits that require CAT approval, will be generated to eliminate such occurrences in the future.

2. Many items on APS Web pages are now not accessible to users even from the APS. Is there a reason behind this?

Over the years, the APS Web pages have grown in an uncontrolled way. We are rectifying this situation, and currently the work on reconfiguring these pages is in progress. Hence during the next few weeks you might find it hard to access all the information. Also, we will limit access to the operator log books on the Web to only APS personnel directly involved in accelerator operations.

3. Any word on the new Laboratory Director?

We are all hearing from the same rumor mill. Hence your information is as recent as it can be.

4. Can the crystal slicer in LOM 432 shop installed by DND be used unattended?

Yes. This has been inspected, and it has adequate protection for it to be used unattended.

5. Can the Tecknit jobs be scheduled better?

We will work with Tecknit and the CATs to prioritize their effort on mitigation of radiation leaks observed in the commissioning surveys.

6. Can the planned schedule for the next user run be slightly changed so as to finish the re-evaluation of the shielding in previously inspected stations early in the run?

Such fine tuning is slightly difficult. We will however try to optimize the schedule to meet the user needs in consultation with ASD operations.

Information/Follow-up items
APS Operational Status Update:  The schedule is on available on the Web. Storage ring operation will begin on June 18.

Users entering the APS Central Shop without wearing safety gear. It has been observed that some users enter the EAA shop without wearing personnel safety equipment, such as safety glasses. Please follow the requirements in this area so that shop personnel can work even in your presence.