CAT Chat Minutes

May 10, 1996


Issues that require action
1. Numerous ESH issues were raised by many CAT members. Each of these required action from the APS.

All of the issues that were raised during the discussion are being addressed by the APS, and resolutions will be evident in the coming weeks.

2. Are the users allowed to use radiation survey meters?

Radiation survey meters can be used by the users for spot checks. Health Physics personnel are available for conducting more detailed surveys. Contact your floor coordinator for arranging Health Physics support. The measurements performed by the Health Physics personnel are the only official records.

3. How can the users get timely support for PSS problems?

We have increased the staffing of the PSS group and are streamlining the beamline PSS validation process. This will provide more PSS personnel for response to PSS problems. When each experiment station PSS has to be separately validated, it takes much more work than all stations at one time on a beam.

Information/Follow-Up Items
1. The new employee and user badges will be distributed in June.

2. At least one floor coordinator is available during user beam operation.

3. The issue of requiring typed shipping forms is being resolved.

4. Information regarding the building electrical grounds for the experiment hall and the LOMs is being collected and will be distributed to the CATs.