CAT Chat Minutes

May 3, 1996


Issues that require action and/or follow-up
1. All the seminar announcements are not reaching the CATs. What is happening?

The User Office is distributing seminar announcements to all of the CATs. If you do not receive any announcements, let the User Office know.

2. When are the permanent badges going to be ready?

The new badge cardstock will be received from Cardkey before the end of the month. The new user badges should be ready for distribution by June 1.

3. What do we do if a floor coordinator is not around?

During operation, at least one of the floor coordinators will be on duty. If you do not get a response from the floor coordinator assigned to your sector, paging x0101 will get you the on-duty floor coordinator.

4. Some ANL forms need to be typed (e.g., shipping requests). It would be a good idea to have a typewriter in the stockroom since most of the CATs do not even own a typewriter.

We are attempting to resolve the issue of requiring typewritten forms. We will have resolution by next week

5. Where are the building electrical grounds?

We will prepare a report on the electrical ground distribution within the LOM and experimental floor for distribution to the CATs. In any case, if a CAT plans to operate any equipment that operates at high power and/or high frequency, the APS must be notified so that impacts on other CATs and facility equipment can be monitored. We will work with the CAT to minimize any impact within the facility.

Information/Follow-Up Items
User beam begins on May 6 and will continue through May 13. Two shifts are planned for shielding verification. User beam will resume on May 20 and continue through May 25.

The May 1 Dedication festivities went very well.

Steve Davey gave a short presentation regarding the LOM shops. To use the shops, the CAT's safety plan needs to be approved and a shop coordinator designated. There is also a half-hour orientation for shop users. It is the shop coordinator's responsibility to determine if someone is ready to use the shop, and the name is then added to the list of approved shop users. If a new piece of equipment is installed in the shop, please contact your floor coordinator to ensure that ESH requirements are met.

Bob Ferry reported that the floor coordinators now can issue temporary visitor dosimeters during working hours.

The Synchrotron Radiation in Materials Science Conference will be held at IIT starting July 29 through August 1, 1996. Additional information is posted on web page: