CAT Chat Minutes

April 5, 1996


Issues that require action and/or follow-up
1. There is a lot of information on the communication hardware provided by the APS and the expansion that is possible by installing additional equipment by the CATs in the LOM network closet. All this information is at various places. Could this be consolidated into a single document?

The APS will generate a single document describing capabilities and expandability of hardware in the LOM network closet.

2. Can the PSS training of new members of a CAT be performed by the trained members of that CAT?

No. Since the PSS is the responsibility of the APS, it is required that each of the CAT members receive training from the APS staff. During next few months, we will prepare this training in a video format so that it can be given effectively with little advanced notice.

3. When will the storage area for gas cylinders be readied?

The racks to be mounted in the storage area for gas cylinders have been ordered, and their delivery is expected shortly.

4. In certain areas of the experiment hall floor, the PA announcements cannot be heard clearly.

The APS will examine the problem and correct it during next few weeks.

Information/Follow-up items
APS Operational Status Update:  Beam will be available for planned activities of the beamline commissioning and diagnostics until 4 p.m. on April 5, 1996. Storage-ring operation will be terminated on Sunday, April 7, 1996. This will begin the maintenance and installation periods. Front ends, ID vacuum chambers and undulators will be installed in various sectors during this period. Storage-ring operation will begin on May 2, 1996. Photon beams for user activities will be available during the second week of May, 1996. If the storage ring performs well during May, the three-week-on/three-week-off schedule will be followed as closely as we can.

APS Dedication:  The APS dedication is planned for May 1, 1996. Please participate in the various functions. Official invitations are being sent out along with the details of the function.