CAT Chat Minutes

March 10, 1996


Issues that require action and/or follow-up
1. The manufacturer of IDL software is willing to give a course on the use of this software if there is adequate interest. Of course, it will cost. Would the APS organize such an event?

An assessment of interest in the IDL software course should be undertaken. Perhaps TWG should take such a survey and inform the APS about the level of interest. If sufficient, the APS could then assist in organizing it.

2. When will the lights in the LOM parking lots be installed?

The contract for this activity has been awarded, and the work should begin in a week or so.

3. Are there adequate parking spaces available at each of the LOMs?

It is hard to estimate whether there will be adequate parking spaces for the users at each of the LOMs at this time, because there are many construction workers using these spaces. The following is the number of spaces available:

LOM Spaces
432 28
433 37
434 31
435 32
438 (planned) 24

4. What is the dosimetery requirement in the APS Experiment Hall?

It is planned to post a sign indicating that the personal dosimeters must be worn at all times by people working in the APS Experiment Hall, including the EAA.

5. Do visitors need dosimeters for short visits to the Experiment Hall?

Dosimeters, which may be obtained from the User Office or the Floor Coordinators, are required for day-visitors.

6. How close is the APS to injecting positrons?

Much of the diagnostics work on the accelerator facilities will be done using electrons. Recently, the APS has been using a secondary beam of electrons (fuzzy electrons) produced using a primary electron beam in a way similar to the production of positrons. This experience will speed up the change over to positrons. Positron generation and acceleration has already been tested out using the linac. Current plans call for the switch over some time this summer.

7. Is there any plan to provide picnic tables outside the LOMs?

Every effort will be made to obtain picnic tables for the users outside the LOMs.

Information/Follow-up items
If users need service from the ECT Division on computer hardware and software development, support, and service, your first point of contact for technical discussions is Mary Westbrook. She is usually available in LOM 435 (phone: 2- 8914; fax: 2-4021; pager: 4-8914; e-mail:, ECT Division Office: 2-6932). Once the ECT work is defined with the help from Mary, the service request describing the work can be generated to charge ECT work to your cost account with the APS, as usual by contacting the Floor Coordinator. If the work can be charged to either a capital or a construction cost code, there are no overhead charges. If it can only be charged to a M&S account, there will be an over head charge. Based on the size and duration of the work, ECT will charge CATs the best possible rates.

The ANL ESH Manual will be available from the ANL Web page if you are on the ANL site. If you wish to access this service from outside ANL, please provide your off-site computer IP number to the User Office.

Steve Davey has recently issued a memo to all LOM occupants to keep the LOM Lab roll-up doors closed, except to transport equipment between the LOM Labs and the Experiment Hall floor. This door is a 'fire' door and should normally remain closed. If found open without any activity, it will be considered a safety violation by the occupants of the Lab.

The ESH Division will issue smaller film badges to all the users and the APS staff starting April 1, 1996. These badges are light and have a better clips for easy wearing. The APS has worked on this change for over 3 years!!

APS Operational Status:  The current schedule calls for user beam for shielding verification work and planned CAT commissioning studies to begin early next week. If the schedule changes due to any problems, the Directors of those CATs with planned beamline activities will be informed. The long-term schedule provides a week of beam (3 shifts) for user activities, followed by a week of accelerator studies, and followed by a week of beam (3 shifts) for user activities. Please obtain updates on the schedulefor the user activities from the XFD Web page.