CAT Chat Minutes

February 16, 1996


Issues that require action and/or follow-up
1. Can the APS post detailed beamline commissioning schedules in advance?

While it is our goal to post the beamline commissioning schedules in advance, at this time it is difficult to do this. There are too many components both on the storage ring and on the beamlines that are being installed, modified, corrected and checked out. Priorities keep changing so that a reliable schedule is difficult to maintain.

2. How were the last PEB reviews compared to the previous reviews?

The findings from the current review will be communicated shortly to the CAT Directors. Since most of the CATs are now funded, the review material addressed planned activities on beamline construction.

3. The safety-related announcements often refer to zones rather than sectors. This is confusing to most users on the floor since they are more familiar with sector number than the zones.

We will assure that this will be corrected in the near future.

4. Is there a unique way of accessing MSDSs at the APS?

Currently, there are various ways to gain access to an automated Material Safety Data Sheet system.

For those who have access to a Macintosh, there is a Sigma-Aldrich database under Apple Share. (Call Meg at 2787 for instructions on how to gain access.)

To gain access to the ANL MSDS system, users must complete a Request for Authorization of Computer Account and/or Services (Meg has a supply of forms, along with instructions for completing the form). There is no charge for this service, but training is recommended. Initially, ESH personnel are willing to come to us to provide this training for the anticipated small group. Training for larger groups could be conducted elsewhere at the Lab.

We have also identified MSDS databases on the Web. Fisher Scientific, Enviro-Net, and the University of Utah seem to offer good systems (URL addresses are below). We will continue to pursue this avenue and pass updated information on to you.

Fisher Scientific:
University of Utah: gopher://

You are encouraged to request a MSDS directly from the manufacturer prior to ordering the chemical. In this way, any potential hazards can be reviewed and necessary control measures put in place before arrival of the chemical.

Also, Meg maintains a master file of all XFD and User MSDSs. You are welcome to review these files and make copies of necessary information.

Information and Follow-up items
1. APS Operational Status Update

Planned activities during the first two weeks of the 5-week shut down are progressing well. The storage ring will be started up on March 5, 1996, as planned.