CAT Chat Minutes

February 2, 1996


Issues that require action and/or follow-up
1. The installation of the PSS seems to take considerable time. What additional help could be used to accelerate the installation?

The PSS installation involves putting the cables through the special cable trays, termination, inspection and, finally, validation. For laying the cables, the APS uses contract electricians. For termination, we use specially trained technicians with a background on PSS. The work loads peak at times, and these technicians perform over-time work. Even that is not enough to take care of the over load. We are in the process of adding new technicians to the work force through both new hires and through temporary loans from the ASD and ECT Divisions.

2. How did the storage ring RF system perform during the 100 mA run?

The RF tuner temperatures were well within the specifications during the 100 mA run. With the installation of all the 16 RF stations, the load on each can be further reduced in such operations.

3. You have mentioned minor radiation leaks at various enclosures during the 100 mA run. Who will pay to correct these minor leaks?

If the leak is minor, as often is the case, correcting it is outside of the Tecknit contract. Hence correcting the minor leaks with local lead shielding will be the responsibility of the user. The APS is making designs to globally correct such minor leaks to be consistent with the ALARA program. Information will be provided to the users on such designs and their cost.

4. Can the beamline front-end shutters be tested off-line when the storage ring is not operating?

Yes. They are tested without the storage ring operating by XFD personnel in declaring the front end to be ready for commissioning.

Information and follow-up items
APS Operational Status Update:  There is a one-time 5 week shut down now, and operation will begin again on March 5, 1996. The 3-weeks-ops and 3-weeks-shutdown schedule will resume after this date.

The Program Evaluation Board (PEB) meeting:  The PEB will review all the 15 CATs starting on February 7, 1996 through February 9, 1996. Hence CAT CHAT will not be held on Friday, February 9, 1996.