CAT Chat Minutes

January 5, 1996


Issues that require action and/or follow-up
1. Where will the full and empty gas cylinders be stocked?

The cylinders will be stocked in covered sheds, planned to be installed by the APS, in the yard, just outside the truck loading dock area located between various LOMs. These sheds, with proper fasteners for the gas cylinders, are now being procured.

2. The user badges will soon expire. Will the new badges be ready and will they be impregnated with card key?

The prototypes for the next stock of user badges have been tested, and they contain the card key. These will be issued within the next few months. Until then, the current badges are valid.

3. How will the LOM shops be organized and who will be the custodian? Is the APS going to be the custodian?

LOM Shop Equipment: Generally the LOM shops will be equipped by the APS, and the equipment will include a lathe, drill press, grider, vise, belt sander, and bench. Each CAT is allowed to bring its own equipment. In that case, the CATs in the LOM should concur on this arrangement and also on the nature of the CAT-provided equipment and its availability to other CATs in that LOM. The Floor Coordinator will arrange to receive and install such equipment.

LOM Shop Responsibility: Every CAT has the responsibility to assure that they have an authorized list of their members who have the required training to use the shop. The CAT should also appoint a Shop Coordinator (custodian) who will assure that its members are using the shop safety and properly.

Arrangement with other CATs in that LOM: The CAT Shop custodians in each LOM may develop their own working guidelines to assure efficient use and management of the shop. Inter-LOM Shop Usage: The APS has no difficulty in the use of the shop in LOM-A by an authorized CAT member from LOM-B. The detailed arrangements must be worked out by CATs from the two LOMs.

Oversight: The Floor Coordinator will provide overall oversight to assure proper safety and function of the shop. Training: The APS will arrange for the training required to authorize CAT members to use the LOM shops.

Safety Plan: A CAT Safety Plan for LOM shops could be developed based on the TOM CAT plan (old version) provided to CAT Directors.

Special Equipment Installed by CATs in the LOM Shops: The use of such special equipment in the LOM Shops may be limited to the specially trained people.

Information/Follow-up Items
1. Storage/ring operational update.

During the past run, stored beam current was increased to 86 mA. Misorientation of a crotch absorber in sector 12, however, made the photon beam burn a hole in a bellows. Consequently, the machine was shut down, and the problem was corrected.

All systems seem to be operational on the storage ring this week. Initial beam has been stored. During the next two weeks, beamline commissioning activities have been planned. Baring no further problems, commissioning of the enclosures in SRI, DND, and BESSRC CAT sectors will be performed. The CAT Directors will be informed of the planned schedule.