CAT Chat Minutes

December 15, 1995


Issues that require action and/or follow-up
There are serious concerns regarding the performance of Tecknit. We know that APS has given highest consideration to this situation. However the information provided by APS on Tecknit schedule completion and the actual work performed do not agree. How can the users get better information on the deliverables?

The poor performance of Tecknit has been bothering all of us. Currently the completion dates supplied to users are based on the schedules provided by Tecknit to APS. Last week in reviewing the performance of Tecknit by APS Procurement, one of the action items for Tecknit is to come back with more realistic dates for milestones or deliverables. The information will be provided to APS on Dec. 19, 1995. Every effort will be made for CAT representatives with on-going Tecknit activities on the Experiment Hall floor to participate in this meeting.

(Note that the representatives from DND, SBC, and UNI CATs participated in the meeting with the vendor and obtained the current schedule information).

There is a sewage stink primarily in the area of LOM 433. Nothing seems to have been done to resolve the problem even after many complaints. What next?

The problem has received highest attention by the APS and ANL personnel. Special crews have worked on identifying the problem without success. Sewer pipes have been inspected with special video cameras inside the pipes to visualize obstructions. Nothing has helped the situation. Effort will continue.

(On Dec. 15, 1995, evening, the problem was located at the mezzanine level of LOM 433 and corrected immediately.)

The support provided by the APS in regards to installation of network and its activation are sporadic. Can APS identify a single point of contact for this work who will complete the work to user satisfaction?

The point of contact for this activity is the Floor Coordinator assigned to your sector. Lack of experienced network people dedicated to support the users reflects our shortcoming. We will work with the Accelerator Systems Division and the Electronics and Computing Technologies Division to obtain more help to resolve this problem.

Information/Follow-up items
APS Operational Status Update
The RF tuners have all been corrected and the storage ring commissioning has begun. Next week the machine studies will be the biggest emphasis and an attempt to store 100 mA. No beam time will be made available for beamline commissioning activities during the next week. The storage ring will not be operated during the holidays through Jan. 3, 1996. After reestablishing the machine during the first week in January, the beam will be made available for beamline commissioning during the second and the third week of January. Hope all goes well.

No CAT CHAT on Friday, December 22, 1995. The Laboratory closes for holidays on December 22, 1995.