CAT Chat Minutes

December 8, 1995


Issues that require action and/or follow-up
Are there any changes in the vacuum policy as related to beamlines? Can oil-based pumps be included in the beamline vacuum system?

We had reviewed the vacuum policy when it was developed with CAT representatives. We will revisit the policy in the light of newer questions using the same team as soon as possible.

When I access the WWW Argonne Home Page and look in the x500 White Pages Directory, I find that my location and telephone number are not correct. How is user information incorporated into the x500 white pages?

User information is sent from the User Office to the APS Human Resources office, which is responsible for entering it into the Argonne Human Resources database. The x500 white pages on the WWW are updated weekly from this database. We checked and found a backlog in the entering of information. By the time we return from the holiday break, all user information should be correctly posted.

Information/Follow-up items
APS Operational Status Update:  The RF tuners needed considerable rework, primarily related to their concentricity. It is possible that we may not carry out planned commissioning of certain FOEs before the Christmas holidays. We will notify the CATs involved in the current commissioning plan before Tuesday-Wednesday of next week.

More on SPRing-8 contact on the supply diamond crystals by Sumitomo:  Patricia Fernandez of XFD has been informed that, due to other priorities, currently Sumitomo is not making diamond crystals of the type (Ib, 7X3.5X0.5 mm) that they had supplied earlier to a few customers.

Can the keys issued to CAT members for the LOM Labs be recycled if they move to a new location?

Yes. The old keys should be returned to the User Administration office.

Cable tray link between LOM labs and office space:  Bob Ferry pointed out that if a major link is required between LOM Labs (or Experiment Hall floor) and LOM office space, it is necessary to install cable trays across the wall separating the Labs from the office space. This requires penetration and involves heavy drilling work. Users planning to have such cable trays installed should contact Bob Ferry as early as possible. For clarification contact Bob (2-0500).

New location for UNI-CAT:  UNI-CAT has moved to LOM 438D