CAT Chat Minutes

December 1, 1995


Issues that require action and/or follow-up
Could we get more guidance on configuration control hardware requirements?

Preliminary guidance on controls that should be implemented on the hardware to maintain the configuration is attached to these minutes in the form of a draft. Please begin to use this guidance and inform Steve Davey of any concerns you may have in using it. The guidance will be finalized after testing the present version.

Information/Follow-up items
APS Operational Status Update:  The RF tuners are still not in their final configuration to provide stored beam. The dates during which the synchrotron beams can be extracted is undecided at the time of this writing.

SPRing-8 contact on the supply diamond crystals by Sumitomo:  Denny Mills and Patricia Fernandez have finally made contacts with Naohiro Toda and Satoru Takagi of Sumitomo. We will inform you as soon as progress is made on obtaining crystals through the new contacts.

Concerns regarding the actions by APS Procurement:  We are very concerned about certain delays in the execution of Options Contracts by the APS Procurement. While the staff in procurement is working very hard, these delays seriously hurt progress. Hence we suggest that whenever possible use your own procurement capabilities if you feel that would enhance your schedule.

Silicon crystals for cryo-cooled monochromators:  Experience in producing quality crystals for cryo-cooled monochromators mainly resides with the XFD staff and a few other CATs. The XFD staff is willing to produce such crystals for as many CATs as possible. To ease this burden from XFD, we have been looking at other sources for such crystals. A new company in the UK: 'Crystal Scientific Limited' has offered to produce such crystals. We have no experience with them but plan to order one crystal to evaluate their performance.

Installation safety on the Experiment Hall floor:  The contract workers undergo required safety training to perform their work on the APS Experiment Hall floor. Shortly many CAT members will begin the installation of experimental instruments on the floor. We would urge every CAT member to be trained to perform their work on the floor safely. We have developed software to assess the required training for you based on your planned activities. We urge that you immediately contact Bruce Stockmeier to arrange for such an assessment of safety training and obtain the training. You will not be allowed to work on the floor without appropriate safety training.

Here we go again: Bicycles on the Experiment Hall floor:  The APS is not very eager to see bicycles belonging to CATs on the Experiment Hall floor at this time primarily because of safety reasons. If any CAT has an overwhelming reason to use a bicycle, please make the case to Gopal Shenoy. 

General Announcement:  There will be a XFD Holiday Luncheon on December 20, 1995, in LOM 438. Please bring one holiday family favorite dish and join us. Look for the announcement.