CAT Chat Minutes

November 17, 1995


Issues that require action and/or follow-up

Information/Follow-up items
APS Operational Status Update:  The RF problems are being resolved with the installation of modified tuners during the next two weeks. It is expected that, after conditioning of the tuners, the beam will be stored during early December.

SPRing-8 contact on the supply diamond crystals by Sumitomo:  Denny Mills has just received information from Dr. Ishikawa of SPRing-8 asking him to contact a new person at Sumitomo. As soon as this contact is established, we will update the situation.

Lights in the LOM parking lots:  Bids are being called to perform this work.

LOM 439 Parking Lot:  The APS will begin construction of a parking lot close to 438.

Stock Room items:  Steve Davey is taking the lead to produce a list of items to be available in the APS stock room using input from CAT representatives on site.

APS/ANL riggers:  Gordon Knapp complimented the performance of riggers assigned to APS on their good work in supporting users needs.

There will be no CAT CHAT on November 24 (Thanksgiving). The next CAT Chat is on December 1, 1995.