CAT Chat Minutes

November 2, 1995


Issues that require action and/or follow-up
LOM parking lots do not have lights. This would create unsafe conditions in the evenings.

The situation was recognized by the APS staff last week. Gopal Shenoy has sent a written request to Bill Sproule, Associate Director for the Project Construction on October 31, 1995, indicating the requirements. An estimate for the cost and a contractor to perform the work are being sought. We will keep you updated.

There is a drainage problem in front of LOM 433. Will this be corrected soon?

The persons who will take care of this (in APS Conventional Facilities) have inspected the floor drainage area and are seeking a solution.

Can CATs share their design drawings with the other CATs?

Yes indeed. Only make sure that, if there are design changes, this information follows. This was the whole idea for setting up the APS Design Exchange, where changes and updates can be incorporated and the information can be disseminated.

Is it necessary to use an ANL approved contractor in the installation of beam transports? In other words, is this a construction job?

In its 'Davis-Bacon' determination, XFD had identified the installation of beamlines to be a non-construction job. However, the 'trades' people may have to be used based on the nature of the work involved in the installation. Please consult with the APS (e.g., Bob Ferry) to advise you on this since the tasks will be based on the beamline design.

Is the water in the LOM chemical labs potable?

There was an earlier determination that this water is potable. However, some of the distant branches on this supply are connected to various pumps, etc. Hence, we suggest that the water in LOMs be not used for drinking. Potable water is available at the water fountain and in the break area in each of the LOMs. The water outlets in the Chemical Labs will be soon marked 'non-potable water'.

Will the planned stock room in the CLO have electrical connectors, etc.?

The stockroom will supply all day-to-day needs of the users and will be patterned after the CHESS and NSLS stockrooms.

Information items
APS Operational Status Update:  We had a major RF problem during this week, which would be analyzed during the next week. We will update you on the possible operation date, as soon as we have more information.

Has any one contacted SPring-8 regarding their ability to influence Sumitomo to supply diamond crystals to those who have ordered them?

Denny Mills has sent an e-mail to Dr. Ishikawa of SPring-8 concerning APS user needs and the lack of response from Sumitomo. Gerhard Gruebel from ESRF has informed Denny that he was able to obtain two good diamond <111> crystals from Sumitomo in Middlesex, GB. However, in recent times, Gerhard has had no response from Sumitomo. We will inform you as soon as we have any news.

There will be no CAT CHAT on Nov. 10. The next CHAT will be on Nov. 17, 1995.