CAT Chat Minutes

October 27, 1995


Issues that require action and/or follow-up
How does a user get access to his computers from the outside of ANL over the network?

Some of the users who are working on the development of EPICS-based software have been given access over the network. With increasing number of users needing access to their computers from outside ANL over the APS network, the APS is considering providing a modem pool dedicated to this use. This will provide the ability to have a "call-back" option. The phone charges resulting from such sessions can be charged to the CAT accounts. After we have made progress on this support, we will report back to this group.

What is the progress on the PSS break-down package and when can a CAT make use of this?

The package is now in place except for the detailed language of the contract to be awarded to Tecknit. The CATs that have an approved PDR and PSS design approval may now begin to place purchase requisitions for their needs through Yeldez Amer.

All attempts by the CAT members to obtain diamond crystals from Sumitomo have failed. How can the APS assist in this process?

The APS staff also has the same frustration of not obtaining adequate quality diamond crystals from Sumitomo. The SPring-8 has encouraged Sumitomo to expeditiously produce quality diamonds for the community. On behalf of the APS users, the APS will contact the technical people at SPring-8 to express our frustration with the performance of Sumitomo, and we hope to expect some positive results. Information itemsWhen is the APS personnel moving to the CLO?

The planned move of the APS personnel begins on November 10, 1995. The majority of XFD personnel will begin their move on November 16, 1995.

When will the APS Library be ready in Building 401?

The Library is not included in the planned move in November. The furniture installation is as yet not complete. The availability of the Library in 401 will be announced.

It may be of some interest for the users to know that the APS Library Committee is chaired by Ercan Alp and has a user representative on this committee. Steve Sutton from the University of Chicago has been selected as the current representative on the APS Library Committee by the APSUO Steering Committee during their meeting in October 1995. Any requests for improving the library collection should be addressed to either Ercan Alp or Steve Sutton. Mary Petryga is the APS Librarian.

Will there be a on-line powder diffraction file available in the APS Library?

This request will be brought to the attention of Ercan Alp, Chair, APS Library Committee.

Will APS operate during the December holidays?

According to current schedule, the APS will not operate starting from about December 21, 1995, through mid January 1996.