CAT Chat Minutes

October 6, 1995


Issues that require action and/or follow-up
Is APS going to provide bulletin boards for CATs to display material during the SRI'95 ?

Yes, they will be installed early next week.

We are aware that XFD has cleaning capability for vacuum components. Will this be available to CATs ?

Yes, such facilities will be made available for cleaning vacuum components of the CAT beamlines. Since there are many safety related issues with this activity, the work will be performed by trained XFD technicians. The cost of the effort will be recovered from the CATs.

Can one use the rooftop of an Experiment Station, which is used for monochromatic work and which are erected in the middle of the Experiment Hall floor, for installing equipment? Can one use ladders to reach the equipment on the roof-top?

In the CAT Chat of last week (September 29,1995), we pointed out some of the limitations on permitting installations on the rooftop of FOEs. The installations on the top of an FOE and adjoining station was permitted because of the ease of access from the top of the storage-ring tunnel. Normally we do not permit installation of equipment on the top of the monochromatic stations which stand in the middle of the Experiment Hall floor. The access to the roof top of such stations is often difficult using simple ladders and will be a safety hazard. However, if the experimental needs over ride these guidelines, the APS would consider the case on its merit. In such situations, the access ladder will have to be specially designed to meet the technical and safety requirements. Such designs should be submitted to APS for approval prior to their construction. Special work permits may be required to perform work on the rooftop of an Experiment Station. General information

Update on planned beamline commissioning time during November 95 operation of the storage ring:  The planned beamline commissioning activities are likely to be during the second and/or third week of November. We will update this information during the next CAT Chat on October 27, 1995.

Next CAT Chat meeting:  There will not be a meeting on October 13th and 20th due to various meeting activities.