CAT Chat Minutes

September 15, 1995


Issues that require action and/or follow-up
PSS Procurement: Is there a way that the procurement of PSS for the experiment stations can be simplified?

Action taken by APS: The contract will be simplified to identify each subcomponent that constitutes the PSS for each station. Typical subcomponents would be door switch, doors, alarm, light, speaker, emergency button, search button, linear foot of wire, etc. For each subcomponent A,B,C,D... we will obtain an "as-installed price" from the vendor, each of which is expected to be less than $5K. This permits the user to place an order for, e.g., 4 of A's, 2 of B's, 1 of D, etc. The M&S cost account can then be used to pay for the PSS which simplifies the procurement process considerably. The implementation of this process will take 2-3 weeks. Then it will be tested for SRI CAT, etc.

In order to succeed in this simplified process, the user should not make changes in the design of the initial set of subsystems, A, B, C, D,... new subsystems can always be added through a separate requisition and using the M&S account. We will keep you updated.

Can APS supply the CATs with Si monochromator crystals suitable for liquid nitrogen cooling?

Action to be taken by TWG: At the September 5, 1995 TWG meeting, Dennis Mills had made a presentation on the fabrication process and typical cost of fabrication of crystals suitable for liquid nitrogen cooling. A show of hands at that meeting indicated that many of the CATs would like APS to supply these crystals. In order for the APS to make a commitment to the CATs on supplying the crystals, the APS has to first plan the resources to fabricate the crystals. To produce such a resource plan, it is necessary for the APS to know both the quantity needed by each CAT and a realistic schedule for the need. It was suggested by Gordon Knapp that the TWG will compile this information and supply it to APS.

Information items
All Undulator-A's are equal!  It has come to our attention that some CATs feel that all the undulators are not equal in their capabilities. The fact is that in the course of manufacturing and quality testing, the APS staff has upgraded various parts of the Undulator A; for example, the size of the motor. At the same time APS has made sure that these upgrades have been included by the vendor in all the undulators ever produced for the APS. Hence they are all equal. It is possible that for the same gap, two of the undulators may not produce identical peak magnetic fields since the magnetic materials used might not have come from the same batch. These differences, however, are small (under 1%), and the peak fields provided are higher than the design values. Hence everyone is a winner!

Tricycles on the Experiment Hall floor:  The APS considers that it is normally not necessary for the CATs to have tricycles on the Experiment Hall floor. The current APS policy does not allow the users to operate them. Hardship cases should be brought to Steve Davey so that they can be given due consideration by the APS.

APS operations personnel will start to remove the tricycles from the Experiment Hall floor as the need for them decreases.

Is there a defined mechanism for the deliveries to CATs?

Deliveries of big items are normally sent directly to the LOM sectors by ANL Receiving in Building 5, if they are addressed to their sector address. This process is generally successful but not yet perfect; and we are aware of items that stray around other parts of ANL or APS. Small package deliveries (UPS, etc.) are normally dumped in Bldg. 5 without any regard to the delivery address. We will work on this in the coming weeks.

The issue of shipping damage can only be addressed by the receiver who opens the package on delivery. This should normally be the CAT member in his LOM. If ANL Receiving inadvertently opens a user's (damaged) package which is addressed to the LOM, please contact the Floor Coordinator as soon as you learn about the damage to pursue the issue.

Items ordered by ANL divisions (BESSRC, SBC) are normally opened in Building 5, unless the Purchase Requisition contains specific instructions to the contrary and the address where the item must be delivered without opening.

All shipping and receiving irregularities must be reported to Floor Coordinators for prompt action.

Can APS provide long term storage space for items that are required by the CAT only once per year?

It is our thinking that such needs will come up in year 1997 and beyond. Hence APS has not set aside space for such needs at this time. But we will include this in our planning. On the other hand, if a CAT has a real hardship related to storage, please contact Steve Davey.

There is a real problem in establishing user accounts. Can this be made easy?

The problem of establishing user accounts is generally and historically compounded by interaction between two bureaucracies - one from ANL and the other from the user institution. It is important that the technical contact from the user institution stay on top of this to expedite the process. We are working very hard on this at our end. For example, the XFD staff and procurement staff meet every week to review all the issues on every user account (opening, type of account, expiration dates, follow ups, reminders, etc.). Recently, Liz Stefanski has started a process for establishing "zero dollar accounts" for all the institutions that will need an account in the future. This will take away the bureaucratic pain in advance! It is my hope that matters related to cost accounts will improve as we all gain more experience.