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Status of SPring-8 Insertion Devices and Related Topics

Takashi Tanaka, SPring-8/RIKEN

The SPring-8 storage ring has 38 insertion device (ID) beamlines. To date, we have completed construction of 23 beamlines, and three beamlines are now under construction. Among them, 20 IDs are in-vacuum type for hard x-ray regions, one is an elliptically polarized multipole wiggler (EPMW), and the others are for soft x-ray beamlines. There are many important techniques in the construction of in-vacuum undulators, such as coating on permanent magnet, RF fingers, and the bakeout process.

The out-of-vacuum type devices are mainly for soft x-ray regions. Low heat-load undulators have been adopted instead of conventional linear undulators, because it is quite serious upon high K-value application to obtain soft x-ray photons in SPring-8.

In the seminar, outlines of these undulators are presented. In addition, a brief report on the facility status from the viewpoint of SR users will be presented.

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