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The GANIL / SPIRAL Facility and Future Projects

Eric Baron, GANIL, Caen, France

The GANIL cyclotron complex has been used for acceleration of stable ions (from carbon to uranium) since 1983. With a device called SISSI, it also produces exotic beams through fragmentation of the projectile. We are ready now to use GANIL  as a driver to generate exotic beams with the SPIRAL complex.

A brief description of the existing GANIL facility will be given, with an emphasis on the efforts devoted to gain higher intensities of stable ion beams. A more detailed picture of the SPIRAL complex, consisting of a target-ion source ensemble and CIME, the new cyclotron used both as a post-accelerator and a mass separator, will be given.  Studies on options for an additional driver (electrons or deuterons) for the short-range future (ca 2005) are underway and the present status will be exposed.

Finally, the GANIL involvement in EURISOL will be evoked through the post-accelerator aspects.


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