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Coherent Synchrotron Radiation

Rui Li, Jlab

The designs for the next generation accelerators, such as future linear colliders and short-wavelength FEL drivers, require beam of short (mm-length or smaller) electron bunch with high charge (nC-regime). As such high charge microbunch traverses magnet bends, the curvature effect on the bunch self-interaction, by way of coherent synchrotron radiation (CSR) and space charge force, may cause serious emittance degradation. This impact of CSR on the beam transport of short bunches has raised significant concern in the design of future machines and leads to extensive investigations. This talk will review the recent progress in the understanding of the CSR effect, describe our analysis as well as the self-consistent simulation of the CSR impact on short bunch transportation, and present our recent results of benchmarking of the simulation with csr experiment carried out on the CTFII (2nd CLIC Test Facility) bunch compression chicane at CERN.

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