3-Way Optics Workshop on March 17, 2008
Download Optics Workshop Booklet (PDF)

Building 402 / Rooms E1100 & E1200

8:15 Long WELCOME
8:30 Macrander Overview of Optics at APS
9:00 Härtwig X-ray Optics Related News from the ESRF
9:30 Goto Overview of Optics at SPring8
10:00   BREAK
10:30 Yamauchi Focusing hard X-rays to sub-10nm by reflective optics
11:00 Morawe Progress and Perspectives at the ESRF Multilayer Facility
11:30 Liu Profile Coating for Elliptical KB Mirrors and Wedged Multilayer Laue Lens
11:45 Conley Wedged MLL Growth in the Rotary Deposition System
12:00 Macrander HOT TOPICS / BOX LUNCH
2:00 Khounsary Fabrication of Aspheric Optics for X-ray Applications
2:15 Assoufid Results of Hard-X-ray Mirror Metrology Round-Robin carried out at the APS, ESRF and SPring-8 Metrology Laboratories 
2:30 Ohashi Current Status on the Metrology Laboratory at SPring8 
2:45 Qian Comparison of Slope and Height Profiles for Flat Sycnhrotron X-ray  Mirrors Measured with a LTP and a Fizeau Interferometer
3:00 Tamasaku Diamonds as X-ray Linear and Nonlinear Optical Elements
3:15 Mimura Focusing Mirror for X-ray Free Electron Laser 
4:00 Mairs Monolithic Monochromators at ESRF
4:15 Barrett ESRF Nanotechnology Platform
4:30 Khachatryan Crystal Surface Optimization for Bonse-Hart USAXS Instrument at APS
4:45 Wieczorek Assessing the Quality of X-ray Optic Surfaces of Si Crystals Cut by Diamond-Wire and Rotating Blade Sawing Techniques
5:00   BREAK