Wednesday, March 19, 2008   (in parallel with 3WM08, Session 7)  
Accelerator R&D Satellite Workshop (8:30 - 13:10), 402/E1100/1200  
Co-organizers: Katherine Harkay, Pascal Elleaume, Haruo Ohkuma
1. Insertion devices      
Chair: Ryotaro Tanaka, SPring-8    
8:30 Pascal Elleaume ESRF Cryogenic Permanent Magnet Undulator Development at the ESRF 20
8:50 Takashi Tanaka SPring-8 SAFALI:  A New System for "In-Situ" Field Mapping of IDs 20
9:10 Robert Kustom APS Superconducting Insertion Devices 20
2. Near-term development       
Chair: Pascal Elleaume, ESRF      
9:30 Laurent Farvacque ESRF Lattice Evolutions at ESRF 20
9:50 Kouichi Soutome SPring-8 Extending Storage Ring Beam Performance 20
10:10 Ali Nassiri APS SPX: Short-pulse X-ray Generation Using RF Deflecting Cavities 20
10:30   Coffee   15
3. FEL/ERL      
Chair: Haruo Ohkuma, SPring-8      
Hitoshi Tanaka SPring-8 FEL/SPring-8 Project -- Construction Progress and Achieved Performance at the SCSS Prototype Accelerator 30
11:15 Michael Borland APS APS Long-Term Upgrade Options 20
11:35 Kwang-Je Kim APS X-ray FEL Oscillator 15
4. Accelerator technology      
Chair: Laurent Farvacque, ESRF      
11:50 Jorn Jacob ESRF RF and Feedback Developments at the ESRF 30
12:20 Takeshi Nakamura SPring-8 Status of SPring-8 Feedback and Related Topics 30
12:50 Ali Nassiri APS Superconducting RF R&D for ERL 10
13:00 Katherine Harkay APS Cathode R&D for ERL 10
13:10   Lunch + discussion  (working lunch, by invitation) 60