Generation and Use of Short X-ray Pulses at APS

The primary purpose of the Short-Pulse Workshop held on May 6, 2005, was to present preliminary results of accelerator and optics calculations leading to the production of short (~1 ps) x-ray pulses from the Advanced Photon Source (APS) storage ring. In addition to presentations pertaining to the generation of short pulses, of equal import and interest, the workshop also afforded an opportunity to summarize the science driving this project. National and international experts were invited to hear the presentations and provide critical comments regarding all aspects of the proposal.


Workshop Presentations


Session I: Accelerator Physics Issues

APS Short Pulse Project
Kathy Harkay, Advanced Photon Source

Accelerator Physics Aspects of Crab-Cavity-Based Production of Picosecond X-ray Pulses
Michael Borland, Advanced Photon Source

Sextupole Optimization for Deflecting Cavity Scheme
Vadim Sajaev, Advanced Photon Source

Parameters for the SCRF Deflecting Cavity
Geoff Waldschmidt, Advanced Photon Source

Crab Cavity Operation at the KEKB-Factory
Kenji Hosoyama, KEK

Session II: Optics and Sciences

Report of Session I: Accelerator Physics Issues
Kwang-Je Kim, Advanced Photon Source

Producing Chirped Electron Beams in the APS
Michael Borland, Advanced Photon Source

Picosecond X-Ray Pulse Compression Optics Following RF Bunch Deflection
Sarvjit Shastri, Advanced Photon Source

Why Do We Want 1ps X-rays at APS?
David Reis, University of Michigan