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Organizing Committee:
•  Chris Marshall (ANL)
•  Peter Stair (NWU)
•  Simon Bare (UOP)
•  Hoydoo You (ANL)
•  Randy Winans (ANL)
•  Steve Heald (PNNL)

Workshop on Catalysis Research at the Advanced Photon Source


Purpose: Catalysis research is being done at a number of beam lines at the APS using several techniques. The purpose of this workshop is to evaluate current catalysis research and future directions. An objective will be to produce a report with recommendations to promote catalysis research at the APS. A small number of speakers have been selected who represent science which currently uses X-rays and represent critical problems in catalysis. All participants who include university, industry and labs will be encouraged to present posters. Another objective is to introduce the catalysis community to some of the unique capabilities of the APS.

When: September 12-13, 2005

Where: Advanced Photon Source Auditorium

Final Report