Argonne Theory Institute on Production of Bright Electron Beams

September 22-26, 2003
Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, IL

Argonne National Laboratory recently initiated a new research program called "Theory Institute."  As a part of this program, a beam physics theory week on "Production of Bright Electron Beams" will be held to review the current methods of generating high-brightness electron beams, determine what the fundamental limits are, study possible ways to improve them.

Extensive discussion of issues including, but not limited to, the following:

  • How should we quantify qualities of a beam?
  • What are the physical processes limiting the beam qualities in rf photocathode guns or other electron beam sources?
  • Is it possible to produce electron beams with ten times smaller transverse emittance than the target value specified for the LCLS project (that is, 0.1 mm-mrad  (normalized  rms), keeping the other parameters (charge, pulse length, energy spread) the same?
  • Is it possible to condition electron beams having the same FEL performance as 0.1 mm-mrad beams?
  • What steps are necessary to achieve the above goal?

Topics Discussion Leader When
Emission Processes Kevin Jensen
(ANL liaison:  M. Conde)
Beam Manipulation Gennady Stupakov
(ANL liaison:  J. Power)
RF Photocathode Beam Dynamics Klaus Floettman
(ANL liaison: J. Lewellen)
R&D Planning Andy Sessler
(ANL liaison: S. Milton)
Summary   Friday


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