APS, ESRF, SPring-8 Workshop
Argonne National Laboratory
June 2-3, 2003

Slide show of meeting

Bldg. 401, Conf. Rm. A1100

Monday, June 2, 2003

08:00    Coffee

08:30    Welcome

20-Year Facility Vision and Initiatives
Ian McNulty, Chair
08:45    W. Stirling, "ESRF - Current Status, Medium Term Strategy, Long Term Strategy" (1.54Mb PDF)
09:15    J.M. Gibson, "APS Vision and New Initiatives" (9.15Mb PDF)
09:45    A. Kira, "The Boundary Conditions for SPring-8 Future Plans" (937Kb PDF)

10:15    Coffee

SR Facility Operational Experience
J.M. Gibson, Chair
10:30     J-L. Revol, "Operation and Recent Developments at the ESRF"  (2.16Mb PDF)
11:15    R. Gerig, "APS Operational Efficiency and Challenges"  (318Kb PDF)

12:00    Lunch 402 Gallery

Source Developments
A. Kira, Chair
13:00    P. Elleaume, "Recent and Future ID Developments at the ESRF" (1.23Mb PDF)
13:30    L. Moog, "ID Developments at APS" (4.42Mb PDF)
14:00    L. Emery, "Possible Long-Term Improvements to the Advanced Photon Source" (286Kb PDF)
14:30    Discussion

14:50    Coffee

Detector Developments
W. Stirling, Chair
15:00    N. Yagi, "CMOS Flatpanel Imager as an X-ray Detector for Synchrotron Radiation"  (1.60Mb PDF)
15:20    H. Graafsma, "Detector Developments, Strategies and Perspectives at ESRF"  (986Kb PDF)
15:40    P. Ilinski, "Detector Initiatives at the APS"  (136Kb PDF)
16:00    P.K. Job, "An Online Neutron Detection System for Electron Storage Rings"  (1.33Mb PDF)

Optics Developments
W. Stirling, Chair
16:20    A. Macrander, "Summary of Satellite 3-Way Optics Workshop"  (1.31Mb PDF)

Open Discussion  (80Kb PDF)
16:45 - 17:45

Dinner Guest House

Tuesday, June 3, 2003

Beamline Controls
W. Ruzicka, Chair
09:00    T. Ohata, "Controls Developments at SPring-8" (3.76Mb PDF)
09:20    V. Rey Bakaikoa, "Perspectives on Automation and Beamline Control at ESRF"  (937Kb PDF)
09:40    T. Mooney, "Selected Topics in APS Beamline Controls Development" (189Kb PDF)

10:00    Coffee

New Scientific Programs and Initiatives
E. Gluskin, Chair
10:20    M.Takata, "Powder Diffraction Studies on Materials Science"  (10.9Mb ZIP)
10:40    Y.Suzuki, "Hard X-ray Microscopy Activities at SPring-8"  (820Kb PDF)
11:00    E. Dufresne, "Opportunities for Ultrafast X-ray Physics at the APS"  (1.27Mb PDF)
11:20    E. Alp, "Inelastic X-ray Scattering Initiative at APS"  (675Kb PDF)
11:40    J.Mizuki, "Activities of Resonant and Non-resonant Inelastic X-ray Scattering at SPring-8"  (3.28Mb PDF)
12:00    J. Freeland, "Opportunities for Soft/Intermediate-Energy X-ray Physics"
12:20    K. Kobayashi, "High-Energy X-ray Photoemission at SPring-8 BL29XU"  (327Kb PDF)

12:30    Lunch 402 Gallery

Facility and Personnel Outreach
D. Mills, Chair
13:30    A. Freund, "Public Relations Working Group" (3.35Mb PDF)
14:00    H. Ohno, "The Outreach of SPring-8" (1.08Mb PDF)
14:20    D. Haeffner, "APS Outreach" (1.67Mb PDF)

Closing remarks

APS Tour
14:45 - 17:00

Picture of 3-Way Meeting