April 29 - May 1, 2003
Argonne National Laboratory
Argonne, Illinois


April 1
Abstract deadline
Registration deadline for non-U.S. citizens

April 7
Housing deadline

April 15
Registration deadline


Adjunct Meetings
APSUO Steering Committee Elections
Call for Poster Abstracts
Compton Award
Comprehensive Program
General Information
Travel and Housing Arrangements
Workshop Descriptions

APS Users Organization Steering Committee

Paul Zschack, Chairman
Stephen Durbin, Vice-Chairman
John Budai
Lin Chen
David Cookson
Pulak Dutta
Dean Haeffner
Lisa Keefe
Steven Muchmore
John Rose
Amy Rosenzweig
Sunil Sinha
Brian Stephenson
Susan Strasser, APS Liaison
Eric Isaacs, ex officio

Twelfth Users Meeting Committee

Stephen Durbin--Scientific Program and Workshops Chair
Lin Chen, Dean Haeffner, Brian Stephenson--Scientific Program Committee
Susan Strasser--Meeting Organization Chair
Meg Vigliocco-Hagen--Meeting Organization
Linda Carlson--Registration and Web Site
Sharon Fisher--Registration Support
Darlene O'Malley--Workshop and Poster Support
Dean Haeffner--Poster Chair
Jane Andrew--Program Book and Web Site
Connie Vanni--Vendor Exhibits
Joan Brunsvold--Conference Services
Marianne Adair--Conference Services
Judy Benigno--Conference Services
Bob Whitman--Building Arrangements
Ed Russell--Building Arrangements
Becky McCauley--Building Arrangements
Steve Downey--Shipping
Carmie White--Social Events
Dean Haeffner, Amy Rosenzweig, Brian Stephenson--APSUO Steering Committee Elections

APS User Office