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Novel Designs of Accelerator and Beamline Components
Chair: S. Zelenika, Co-Chair: A. Gambitta

The Canadian Light Source: Status Report Update


  D.S. Lowe, I. Blomqvist, L.O. Dallin, M. de Jong, E. Hallin, E.D. Matias, R.M. Silzer, J.A. Swirsky

DIAMOND—Storage Ring, Mechanical Engineering Design (viewgraphs)


  N. Hammond

A Compact Back Face Cooled Slotted Infrared Mirror and Mechanism for the IR 13 Beamline at the SRS, CLRC Daresbury Laboratory


  J. Flaherty, I. Burrows, M. Surman

Storage Ring Injection Area Upgrade at the Advanced Photon Source (APS)


  L.H. Morrison, S. Sharma, M. Givens

An Optimized Design for the NSLS 53 MHz RF Cavities and the Ancillary Components


  P. Mortazavi

Development of the Low Return Loss 340-Size Ceramic Window for the APS Linac


  S. Berg, D. Bromberek, G. Goeppner, A. Haase, J. Hoyt, W. Michalek, T. Smith

A Variable-Focus X-ray Compound Lens


  A. Khounsary, S.D. Shastri, A. Macrander

The Monolithic Two Axis Flexure Joined Mirror Support and the Mechanical Design of the Infrared Beamline


  T. Noll, C. Kalus, W.B. Peatman, U. Schade, W. von Scheibner

Easy Access Shielding Structures for the DUVFEL Beam Line at BNL's Source Development Laboratory


  J. Skaritka, E. Johnson, F. Staicu, C. Stelmach

The NISUS Magnet Diagnostic


  J. Skaritka, A. Doyuran, E. Johnson, T. Kim, T. Shaftan, L-H. Yu

Fabrication Techniques for Septum Magnets at the APS


  M. Jaski, K. Thompson, S. Kim, H. Friedsam, W. Toter, J. Humbert

Design of a Monolithic Aspherical Mirror Bender for an Active Grating


  T.C. Tseng, D.J. Wang, S.Y. Perng, C.T. Chen, C.K. Kuan, S.H. Chang

The Toroidal Mirror for Single-Pulse Experiments on ID09B


  L. Eybert, M. Wulff, W. Reichenbach, A. Plech, F. Schotte, E. Gagliardini, L. Zhang, O. Hignette, A. Rommeveaux, A. Freund

Characteristics of Mechanically-Bent-Shaped Mirror


  N. Kamachi, K. Endo, H. Ohasi, T. Ishikawa

The Mechanical and Shielding Design of a Portable Spectrometer and Beam Dump Assembly at BNL's Accelerator Test Facility



J.-P. Hu, W.R. Casey, D.A. Harder, S. Pjerov, G. Rakowsky, J.R. Skaritka


Beam Stability: Vibration and Thermal Effects
Chair: J.R. Chen, Co-Chair: T. Nakazato

Investigation of Passive Vibration Damping Methods for the Advanced Photon Source Storage Ring Girders


  C. Doose, S. Sharma

Measurement of Thermal Effects on the Advanced Photon Source Storage Ring Vacuum Chamber


  L. Emery

Observation of Beam Orbit Fluctuation with Forced-Vibrating Magnets and Vacuum Chambers


  T. Nakazato, S. Date', K. Fukami, S. Matsui, T. Magome, M. Oishi, K. Soutome, H. Tanaka, T. Yorita

Mechanical Stability Studies at the Taiwan Light Source


  J.R. Chen, D.J. Wang, Z.D. Tsai, C.K. Kuan, S.C. Ho, J.C. Chang

Thermal Deformation of the Magnet Girder and its Solution in the SRRC Storage Ring


  D.J. Wang, C.K. Kuan, H.C. Ho, S.Y. Perng, J.R. Chen

Identification of X-ray Beam Instability Sources for a MX Beamline at the ESRF


  M. Lesourd, R.B.G. Ravelli, L. Zhang

Effect of Environmental Factors on Electron Beam Orbit Stability at PLS Storage Ring


  C.W. Chung, Y.C. Kim, K.R. Kim, M.H. Yoon

Instrumentation for Low Frequency Motion in Synchrotron Facility


D.J. Wang, S.Y. Perng, H.C. Ho, C.K. Kuan


High Precision Positioning Mechanisms
Chair: D. Shu, Co-Chair: S. Jordan

The Mechanical Design of High Precision Positioning Instruments, used for X-ray Microscopy at the ESRF


  Y. Dabin, G. Rostaing, E. Gagliardini, M. Nicola, J. Borrel

Optimal Dynamic Performance for a High-Precision Stage System


  C. Preissner, S-H. Lee, B. Lai, Z. Cai, D. Shu

High-Precision Positioning Mechanism Development at the Advanced Photon Source


  D. Shu, T.S. Toellner, E.E. Alp, J. Maser, D. Mancini, B. Lai, I. McNulty, A. Joachimiak, P. Lee, W-K. Lee, Z. Cai, S-H. Lee, Y. Han, C. Preissner, S. Ginell, R. Alkire, R. Schuessler

Beyond Nanopositioning - Recent Advances in Nano-Precision Motion Technologies Address the Resolution/Speed Tradeoff (viewgraphs)


  S. Jordan

Kinematic Couplings for Synchrotron Radiation Instrumentation


  S. Zelenika, S. Flechsig

Development of an Aspherical Bimorph PZT Mirror Bender with Thin Film Resistor Electrode


  T.C. Tseng, S.Y. Perng, J.R. Lin, D.J. Wang, S.H. Chang

A Precision Io Monitor System at the SRRC


  C.K. Kuan, D.J. Wang, S.Y. Perng, J. Wang, C.J. Lin, J.R. Chen

Design and Characterization of a Light Frame KB Table and Comparison with a Concrete Block Support


  P. Bernard, M. Lesourd, L. Eybert, P. Cloetens, L. Zhang

Approaches for Minimizing Tracking and Vibratory Errors in High-Bandwidth Beam Steering


  S. Jordan

Development of a Goniometer with Nanoradian Accuracy


  B. Blank, T. Kupp, E. Johnson, A. Deyhim, C-C. Kao, W. Caliebe, G. Navrotski

Development of a Spectrometer for Inelastic X-ray Measurements


B. Blank, T. Kupp, A. Deyhim, Y. Cai, P. Chow, C-C. Kao


Insertion Devices and Vacuum Chambers
Chair: E. Trakhtenberg, Co-Chair: M. Erdmann

The Flexible Taper Transitions for an In-Vacuum Undulator


  R. Reiser, S. Zelenika, G. Ingold, A. Keller, L. Schulz, T. Hara, H. Kitamura

Installation Aspects of the Third Harmonic Cavity and Super-Conducting Wiggler at ELETTRA


  A. Gambitta, D. Bulfone, D. Morelli, G. Penco

First Prototype Undulator for the LCLS Project—Mechanical Design and Prototype Lessons


  E. Trakhtenberg, V. Tcheskidov, M. Erdmann, I. Vasserman, N. Vinokurov, O. Makarov, P. Den Hartog

Mechanical Design of NSLS Mini-gap Undulator (MGU)


  D. Lynch, G. Rakowsky

A Novel Undulator Magnet Gap Separation Mechanism


  J. Skaritka, E. Haas, G. Rakowsky, C. Stelmach, L-H. Yu

Deformation Under Bake of Extruded Aluminum Narrow-Gap Vacuum Chambers at the ESRF


  M. Hahn, R. Kersevan

Heat Load Problems on Storage Ring Vacuum Chambers at ELETTRA


A. Gambitta, A. Turchet


High Heat Load Analysis and Design
Chair: L. Zhang, Co-Chair: S. Sharma

ESRF Thermal Absorbers: Temperature, Stress and Material Criteria


  L. Zhang, J.C. Biasci, B. Plan

Thermomechanical Analysis of High-Heat-Load Components for the Canted-Undulator Front End


  Y. Jaski, E. Trakhtenberg, J. Collins, C. Benson, B. Brajuskovic, P. Den Hartog

An Evaluation of Enhanced Cooling Techniques for High-Heat-Load Absorbers


  S. Sharma, C. Doose, E. Rotela, A. Barcikowski

Enhanced Heat Transfer Using Wire-Coil Inserts for High- Heat-Load Applications


  J.T. Collins, C.M. Conley, J.N. Attig, M.M. Baehl

The Design of a High Heat Load Shutter for a Superconducting Wiggler Front-End


  A. Gambitta, A. Turchet

Thermal-Stress Analysis of the High Heat-Load Crotch Absorber at the APS


  A. Alp

New High Heat Load Beamline Components for the ESRF


P. Marion, Y. Dabin, P. Theveneau, L. Zhang


Utility Systems and Temperature Control

Cooling Water Systems for Accelerator Components at the Advanced Photon Source


  E. Swetin, M. Kirshenbaum, C. Putnam

Improved Temperature Regulation of Process Water Systems for the APS Storage Ring


  C. Putnam, R. Dortwegt

Mitigation of Copper Corrosion and Agglomeration in APS Process Water Systems


  R. Dortwegt, C. Putnam, E. Swetin