Second International Workshop on X-Ray Damage
to Crystalline Biological Samples

1 - 2 December 2001

Advanced Photon Source, Argonne National Lab


Specific topics for discussion will include:

  1. Experience of data collection at very high intensities.
  2. Radiation damage at specific sites in a protein.
  3. Effect of radiation damage on structure determination by MAD and SAD.
  4. Modeling studies of putative heating effects at high intensities.
  5. Experience of use of helium for cryo-cooling.
  6. Assessment of the onset of increasing degrees of radiation damage as a function of dose and dose rate.
  7. Experience of radiation damage in cryo-electron microscopy of biological materials.

The organizers would very much welcome suggestions for other interesting / essential topics which might be covered, and also information on any new results or investigations (both experimental or theoretical). Of particular interest would be any studies that:

a) advance our understanding of the mechanisms of radiation damage or
b) propose ways to mitigate the extent and/or effects of radiation damage.

Also welcome would be suggestions on who should present these new findings. Please e-mail the organizers with suggestions for speakers and abstracts of the findings to be reported.

The main purpose of the workshop will be open discussion of the topics; to facilitate this, the number of participants will be limited to around 60.

The Workshop is funded by grants from DoE-BER and NIH-NCRR and co-sponsored by the Structural Biology Center, ANL, and the APS User Program Division. The APS Users Office will make the on-site arrangements for the Workshop, along with providing a meeting room and associated facilities.

There will be no registration fee. However, REGISTRATION BY 17 NOVEMBER, 2001 IS REQUIRED.

We are able to cover the expenses of around 15 invited speakers.

Other participants will be very welcome and will cover their own travel and accommodation costs. Accommodation will be available at the Argonne Guest House where a block of rooms has been reserved.

A short summary of the First International Workshop, held at the ESRF in June 1999 and generously financially supported by the ESRF Council, can be found at

A more detailed account is available (1999_WS_Summary).

Workshop organizers:
Elspeth Garman (
Colin Nave (
Gerd Rosenbaum (

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