Hotel Loretto
Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
February 16 -18, 2000





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Workshop Chairs:

Katherine Harkay, Argonne National Laboratory
Robert Macek, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Two-stream instabilities such as e-p in proton rings, ion-beam instabilities at electron accelerators, or electron cloud-induced effects observed at various accelerators can be serious limitations to the performance of high-intensity rings. This international workshop, organized by LANL and ANL, was aimed at bringing together the separate communities working on various aspects of two-stream instabilites for the purpose of sharing observations, experiences, and insights.

The accelerators for which these issues are of interest include but are not limited to:

  • high intensity proton rings (PSR, LHC, BNL Booster, drivers for SNS, ESS, JHP and the muon colliders)
  • B-factories (PEP-II, KEK-B)
  • photon factories (KEK PF)
  • e+e- rings and colliders (BEP-C, CESR, APS, Bates storage ring)

The topics covered include observations and measurements of various instability characteristics, experiments on causes, studies of cures, theory and simulations including benchmarking with measured data, study of mechanisms for and diagnostics of electron cloud generation, surface effects, beam-induced multipactor, and instability diagnostics.

A related meeting was held immediately following the workshop on future R&D to resolve the PSR instability. For more information, click here.

For further information contact:
Robert Macek (505-667-8877,
or Miquela Sanchez (505-667-2778)
(fax: 505-665-1302)
MS H848
Los Alamos, NM 87545, USA

or contact:
Katherine Harkay (630-252-9758,
Argonne National Laboratory
Advanced Photon Source
Bldg 401
9700 South Cass Ave.
Argonne, IL 60439, USA