Hotel Loretto
Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
February 16 -18, 2000

January 19, 2000

Kick-off Meeting on Future R&D to Resolve the PSR Instability

Dear Colleagues,

In my previous messages to most of you, I mentioned a kick-off meeting to be held right after the Santa Fe Workshop on 2-stream instabilities, February 16-18. The plans are starting to come together. We will have the meeting at the Hotel Loretto starting after the Workshop wraps up around noon. We have the Acoma Room for our kick-off meeting. I have reserved it until 5PM on Friday February 18, 7:30PM-9:30PM after dinner on Friday February 18, and 8:00AM-12noon on Saturday Morning February 19. We may not need all this time.

I can use your help with the agenda details. Basically we want to 1.) outline the goals and program that we have in mind, 2.) hear of progress details that were not covered in the workshop, 3.) hear of future plans from various collaborators, and 4.) address any particular issues that you have. Please send me your suggestions for additional, specific agenda items.

I will outline the program that is planned and how we plan to conduct the collaboration's business. Slava Danilov (ORNL) will talk about some work he has under way, and Andrew Browman (LANL) will discuss some proposals for diagnostic developments (BPM and 80 MHz e-detector electronics). I expect Mike Blaskiewicz (BNL) will outline studies being planned for the AGS Booster and some calculations underway but not mentioned at the Workshop. We will want to hear about plans for computational studies from Ron Davidson and Hong Qin (PPPL). We should have a good, open discussion of issues that are on your minds.

Hope to see most of you in Santa Fe.


Robert J. Macek
MS H-848
Los Alamos, NM 87545